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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 08 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 23:48

From Turkey . Pomegranate Juice to the Macedonian village of Dereli PLANT

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Spouse Deputy Prime Minister of Macedonia to the village of Aravan pomegranate juice plant set up with the support of TIKA has promised .

Üsküp news:
Freed, in the village of Aravan by TIKA socio-cultural and sporting facilities opening of the construction project , Gyorgi Macedonian President Ivanov , AK Party Istanbul deputy Vice-President and Professor Dr. Şentop Mustafa , AK Party Istanbul deputy Hussein Bürger , CHP Istanbul deputy Jalal Dincer, TIKA Chairman Serdar Pine and the Turks Abroad and Related Communities Might Nightingale was with the President . Aravan village being in his Expressing satisfaction Freed, \"second homeland, which we regard as brothers we saw in Macedonia happy to hear . TIKA made ​​that support is available . Them one Apiculture . TIKA here a lot of work left. Ascendant will continue. These investments that do in the area as a cause of Gyorgi Macedonian President Ivanov \"is the hometown . The investment in this village , the relations between Turkey and Macedonia continued the show live . In addition, an island of peace in the Balkans as a fixed Macedonia teaches us a lot . For five centuries, people of different ethnic origin from different religions lived together in peace . Muslims celebrate Eid , the Christians celebrated them . Christians celebrated Easter , Muslims celebrate them . From Turkish to Macedonian thousands of words has passed.
Today to shed some light for I am stating , on the one hand the people who persecuted the Muslim perception, on the other side of the Muslims against all trying to get ıslamofobya.bug here live together peacefully , at both ends navigate to the world as a course . In the Balkans in the past could not imagine this beauty alive today . For this, our hearts , our minds need to change . We will try to make peace, peace on Earth . Macedonia and Turkey will fulfill its responsibility to the people . Turkey and Macedonia will continue to walk in this area as a friend . TIKA his work reinforces friendship , \"he said .
Freed attention to pomegranate cultivation in the region ,\"Bölgeyebn TICA for the establishment of water plants will do the necessary work . This project will be completed as soon as possible . Hopefully in the opening came , \"he said .
Deputy Prime Minister Freed then Çalıkl to the village , passing Namik Kemal Elementary School building renovation and equipment of the project opening ceremony was attended . Freed, here in his speech , \"For us, Rumeli in Istanbul starts up here continues. Rumeli our own people know them as people , \"he said .

From Turkey . Pomegranate Juice to the Macedonian village of Dereli PLANT" comments for.


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