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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:03

From Vodafone'Native Onarım'l 22.5 million worth of savings

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Vodafone, high-tech sent abroad for repair began to repair an important part of the electronic cards and devices in Turkey.

İstanbul news: Vodafone's Turkish engineers and technicians, performing repairs so far 28 thousand on the card and the device , provided approximately 22.5 million worth of savings and operational efficiencies of over 100 percent. Photo Vodafone, digital connections to Turkey with the aim of implement their technology investments that support the local engineering resources . In this context, a significant proportion of high-tech and sent abroad for repair electronic cards and devices used in base stations were being repaired in Turkey. Gebze established Vodafone Test and Repair Center official Turkish engineers and technicians, so far, 28 more high-tech than a thousand pieces of electronic cards and devices to repair , was an increase of over 100 percent in approximately 22.5 million worth of savings and operational efficiencies . Vodafone Turkey's \"local repair\"the attack , the delivery time return to repair the 90 working days in companies abroad was also reduced to an average of 20 working days . Photo Vodafone Turkey Executive Vice President Jorge Fernandes, on the subject \"Vodafone Turkey, technology accessible to everyone mobile technology mainly in infrastructure in override our vision direction we are constantly investing in all areas of the world. in this context, the technological infrastructure of our major components forming the base of our high technology we use are tested regularly electronic cards and devices, we are repairing also necessary. test and card in need of repair and devices in the past, the UK can repair these technologies, Germany, Spain, were sent to countries such as China and the Netherlands. Although continued in abroad shipping our application specific products in the last 3 years , a significant portion of the test and repair operations Vodafone test and Repair Turkish engineers and the Center began to perform our technicians . Through our tests and repairs so far our domestic engineering resource providing approximately 22.5 million worth of savings and operational efficiencies above 100 percent , we have made an important contribution to Turkey's economy. Vodafone Turkey, to show the world our strength on a global level with the support of local engineering and we aim to achieve successful operation of this power , \"he said .

From Vodafone'Native Onarım'l 22.5 million worth of savings" comments for.


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