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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:17

Frontpage Response of Representatives

Frontpage Response of Representatives
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Mersin Private Courses and Study Centers Platform members, institutions reacted to the grounds put forward for closure.

Mersin news: Mersin Private Courses and Study Centers Platform members, institutions reacted to the grounds put forward for closure.
Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) to regulate the press release and study center in Mersin classroom representatives, institutions argued that these media should be shut down. Mersin Private Courses and Study Centers Platform on behalf of members in statements Bakr Yılmazer, classroom this way of closing institutions, employees, family and student in the destruction would be arguing,"Private schools turn promotes let is called. Currently available private schools steady hand when replacing us to private school to direct What is a realistic approach? Promoting so-called gratuitous but today in many sectors, areas fate of frustration is known to be. A currently in Mersin 50 classrooms there. Their only that the flexibility treated if the 2 private schools to be available. Encouragement even though our institutions special for the school is not appropriate. we classrooms why the closure should answer the question of the public would like to tell. because these issues only classrooms sector, not the attempted freedom, parents and students also concerns. Courses realities of our country is a result of. because a large population in our country with all forms of employment, selection and placement process examination conducted these examinations require five to ten times the application is. This is a race and serious preparation is required. racing and competition continued as long as the search for support will continue,"he said.
Courses closure of case problems that will arise regarding the Speaking Yılmazer,"Exams continue as long as the course quest will continue, this needs to be very costly private lessons and unregistered pirate Initiatives will be covered. Parents classroom load to recover from the move to the purpose will not reach. especially low-income families will be devastated, so social justice damaged and this situation of inequality of opportunity will lead to. Course facilities, only wealthy families will benefit and the normal 3-5 times at a cost of service will receive. Review an unmissable issues in the classroom, many of the teachers was established by and thousands of teachers also work the door was. generally scarce with facilities established and one small enterprises that classroom for investment they receive and pay ongoing credit will happen? Property with owners in 5-10 year term of lease agreements bills to the parties, who pays? Courses closure of the unemployed, which will remain workers' compensation and similar rights who will finance? owed the Social Security taxes and how paid?"he spoke.
Officials expectations expressed Yılmazer, said continued :"S our results as the Prime Minister regarding our sector wrong or ill-informed believe that. conducted with stakeholders meeting which will be a high level of association with our managers to be useful to believe . the free market economy of institutions and future supply and demand will determine the balance. This system every legal initiatives are free to leave the sector's future outside without intervention of supply and demand should set. Courses and study centers intended to close the arising out of the chaos of the subject from the parties after negotiations with one victim will not be a conclusion Consult an. closure decision before arriving at the side of the issue with the education sector, the situation in the transverse longitudinal discussed quality improvement efforts should be made. we blatantly düzenimizi broke the mood for adventure does not want and our institutions closing we want to."

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