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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:53

Fuck Recycling in Textiles

Fuck Recycling in Textiles
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Slap in the Organized Industrial Zone (OSB ) in a textile recycling factories operating defective products recycling economy is provided a method of treating different embroideries .

Tokat news: Photo processing defective products in the 10-square-meter workshop of the retail store opened in 2000 in Tokat starting 42-year-old Sabri Gündüzlü made ​​important progress within about two years ago opened a thousand 500 square meters in bringing the recycling of defective textile factory. In the 2000s, the Gündüzlü offers fee repair defective products sold by moving the housewife , the yield on the 10-square-meter studio he founded the bottom floor of the shop could not get the book to attach a label to these products. Gündüzlü terms of use and visual impact can not see the product come to expect , tried to repair the defective product by way of embroidery machine. But the sewing machine pulley system attached to 100 products per day , rendering, entered into a new quest because of the disadvantages of the system. The arm portion of the product with the pulley system, etc. leg . Gündüzlü because in many parts of the defects can not be repaired , a new system has developed as a result of a long struggle . This new system processing capacity by 5 times, remove the Gündüzlü , as well as the product of daily treatment with 500 items each instead of just one machine can embroidery has become . Visual workplace as soon as the dealer and raised the number Gündüzlü on the increasing demand of the products is very difficult to distinguish the hell out , opened a factory in OSB . Its own 5 retail stores in Turkey, Azerbaijan and abroad with sales in 30 points , Bulgaria and Gündüzlü which firms they work in Macedonia , said he was happy to gain economy by recycling defective textile products. The employment in the factory they have established a Photo slap OSB Gündüzlü contributing significant as well as recycling , unlike functioning defective products emphasizing that they are a business doting embroidery for the first time finished products in Turkey , \"no one I mean finished to do embroidery on the hell out of that is ready to sell the product . There are uses Stitch and paste method but make embroidery finished product there is another facility gives back to the economy as the originals . we entered with 800 products this year, season , had the model 350 now in our hands. There is a serious demand. is sold after processing defective products of famous brands . So expensive product 4 in 1 price you can get . There is only one embroidery on by the other original , \"he said .


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