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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:16

Fudan Giant Enhance Energy Efficiency Project

Fudan Giant Enhance Energy Efficiency Project
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Firat University ( FU) faculty for more efficient use of water in a dam has developed a system .

Elazığ news: Firat University ( FU) faculty for more efficient use of water in a dam has developed a system . With the project of reducing the need for natural gas and coal power plants planned as specified.
Fi Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering , Faculty Member Prof. . Dr. . Ahmet with Mr. Ass. Assoc. Dr. . Jihad Tuna, for more efficient use of water in a dam has developed a new system .'Air-Water Energy System called'system , drought reduced in dams in the country to ensure more efficient use of water , gas and coal power plants will reduce the need . Under the project developed in the university's power laboratvuar mounted water jet speed has been increased without any additional energy source . Achievement of this high-speed , water-powered power plants is expected to increase energy production . System applied to the hydroelectric power plants in Turkey , both countries on the amount of total energy production , as well as the negative outlook on security of electricity supply and energy projection is aimed at contributing to the serious . Commenting on the subject Fi Department of Civil Engineering Faculty Professor of the Department of Hydraulic . Dr. . Ahmet Gentlemen, \"Water and bleachers improve energy efficiency can be used to have developed a system . Water speed were able to increase . Water into our scale according to the flow of water 3 or 4 times the amount of air we took . These air under the influence of water squeezing pressure can have increased . Pressure can goes up in the stands energy efficiency aim to increase . Tribune on the work we do . this regard , TÜBİTAK project are preparing. patent application was our . Moreover, this system waters for fanning we are considering using . this issue also our work was . Very versatile system . example, in agriculture liquid fertilizer shooting , flotation jobs and many environmental in the methods used. closed the lake's oxygen levels to improve the well that can be used. few years, we are working on . projects in accordance with a grandstand can improve currently existing or to be made dams using this system with less water, more energy, we aim to produce , \"he said .
Asst. Assoc. Dr. . Jihad is the Danube in the project, four air inlet and said air only works with . Tuna, \"Online 4 units air tunnel with the air inflow to the system is provided. Currently only one entering the tunnel speed , feet in seconds, you can see . These air inlet velocity is getting a total of 4 units . , Each of 120 meters per second moment of this scale system , the air inlet so that's happening . Normally such people who are employed in the world there . , but they have this system in air via a compressor with a given and the energy dissipated is happening. Alone in our system of water into the air, automatically enters any additional energy sources need to be inaudible. produce the energy we added to energy costs without expecting an increase . lab environment any difficulties we have . because the micro-scale , this study also easily we can do. But in our country, about two thousand hydroelectric power plant construction continues. those, 300 of them over. remaining 1,600 of them in the construction and procedural steps there . our for the money we spend as a country that stands 8-10 billion. , this system if we supporting R \u0026 D activities , we can turn to the production of a native stands , it will remain in our pocket money to be spent . This amount of money in the middle of our country the size of the automotive industry . Down perhaps thousands of people are employed in the automotive industry as an industry giant that has been achieved . In this regard we obviously can do much more professional work environment R \u0026 D need to . Here our expectations in that direction . To increase speed, we believe that increased energy directly . Even these may perhaps . Where there is air entering the inlet , wind turbines also started and multi system ; ie both water and wind power together a system that will be produced . Our name is already present in our patent applications ; air, water, energy system he goes . When used together the two energies , our country will contribute to energy production quantities are thinking very seriously , \"he said .

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