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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 14:22

Fuel Prices in New Era

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New methodology determined by the Energy Market Regulatory Board for tracking fuel prices went into effect.

İstanbul news: Distribution companies and dealers from today , fuel prices and profit margins to be formed by taking the free market base in Europe Photo Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA ), the new methodology has set for the follow-up of oil prices went into effect. According to the decision of the board , announced the number present the Official Journal of the follow-up of fuel sales prices of owner refining license Platts European Market Scan in the CIF MED ( Genova/Lavera ) under US $/ton denominated released by the Central Bank of the average of the daily prices who described selling foreign currency at the exchange amount translated into TL (TL/ton) will be considered. Of this amount, TL/L values ​​for the calculation of density values ​​of diesel to 0.845 t/m3 and gas to 0.775 t/m3 is to be considered and refining will be determined by the owner of the license product price in the product in the international market in addition to the value of the TL of prices in the context of domestic market presentation into account the costs incurred received . declared by Photo distributors ceiling/recommended in the determination of prices , sales determined by the owners of the refinery license for the product price and followed in the nearest accessible distributor in the formation of prices in the free market and dealer margin is taken into account . Pump sales prices can be determined on the basis of different provinces taking into account the shipping costs. Photo Distributor and dealer margins in the monitoring of the total ; 01.01.2015 until the date of the highest transaction volume 8 distributor of Istanbul ( European side ) to the average of that dealer ceiling selling prices have notified the Authority from the date of 01.01.2015 the highest transaction volume 8, the weighted average of the Authority reported on billboards located in selling prices for its dealers distractions to be taken. Turkey weighted average pump price from the margin will be calculated by deducting the ex-refinery price , followed by countries ( United Kingdom , Italy, France , Germany) to comply with the average of the margins deducting refinery sales prices within the country in the respective countries of the European Union published on the official website of untaxed pump price will be essential to have . Should it be impossible to domestic refinery price for countries
Tagged as refinery price Platts European Market Scan in the CIF MED ( Genova/Lavera ) under US $/ton in terms of the average of the daily price basis will be released . . The margin to be determined , the effects of differences in market conditions in the countries followed by Turkey can be reflected. Failure to comply with regulations made ​​under Photo Tracking methodology , as part of 5015 Law Article 10 will take place the necessary administrative procedures.

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