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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 10:15

Fulfillment Çetinsoy President and Tell

Fulfillment Çetinsoy President and Tell
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Günkır connected to the town of Bitlis Güroymak Borough Mayor Çetinsoy Ilhan , thanks to their investments that have earned the resort's development would catch .

Bitlis news: Bitlis Güroymak depending on Günkır the Town Mayor Ilhan Çetinsoy , their investments thanks to the resort's deserved that development will achieve said.
Works to be done with the press of sharing Ilhan Çetinsoy the resort's biggest problems with infrastructure and road issues was discussed. In the previous period construction commenced sewer work half stayed in the President stating Çetinsoy , \"the council's budget, according to the remaining half of this work as soon as we aim to complete . Sewer work done at all, the neighborhood in which we also have . District of cleaning nothing for our neighborhood infrastructure, will not leave . It's about a moment ago necessary taking measures that will initiate this work in our neighborhood, \"he said.
town connected to a total of 7 found the neighborhood and around road construction and repair work soon began voicing Çetinsoy , \"Municipal facilities within the whole neighborhood roads paving stone furnishing our people muddy roads will save . many years taken this ordeal own session I will stop . as well as in an unusable state which of our town's main road, modified where necessary to apply our will do, \"he said.
years are not operated public bus borough residents to the services they offer representing President Çetinsoy ,\"people's our bus last two weeks of our people entered the service . citizens of our victim in this regard order not to all kinds of measures will take . determined during working hours this tool we serve will continue . this issue by our municipality designated working hours, our drivers will comply . our people provide an excellent service going . our town water starved regions we have . Our people are suffering from water shortage , especially in the neighborhood of Pinarbasi . I hope to remedy this shortage will try to do our best . We are currently looking for an attractive water . Once found , this charming water where necessary to make our application to aim this great relief . Perform them certainly will not be easy , \"he said.
Municipality's debt Referring to Çetinsoy ,'Günkır Municipality in the clear and at the same time accounts have money'gossip of the ill-conceived to be said. Çetinsoy ,\"Our municipality social security debts interest outside the 380 thousand TL , Vedas to 430 thousand , 35 thousand tax debt , the Bank of Provinces 576 thousand , 280 thousand trades including debt include a total of 1 million 700 thousand TL . If you're claiming otherwise this command with the official documents given to him could come . Also within our municipality is not active due to incorrect use of tools . We found the 2012 model 4x 4 JCP 2010 model with a small scoop due to misuse of our JCP both large bucket defective currently pending in the service . Remove us as their cost of service for repairs is $ 80 thousand . Besides this public bus and tipper vehicle not operated for years with our other tools found our repair costs 30 thousand TL . This is our only tool in a month as an expense for the repair cost 110 thousand TL output. Fifth term mayoral elections have left behind . Mayors who served before everyone has their opportunities within the service may have tried to do . Someone came and made ​​the city hall , water project operations have undergone come one , come another hand tossed infrastructure . I have the utmost respect and reverence to all . However, he also can see , our infrastructure is currently incomplete 70 percent . The main way to completely ruin our neighborhood, our path is not passed from the mud . To go through a heavy maintenance of municipal buildings . Because no central heating system , electricity and water networks in the problems there. Although our water mains in the neighborhood , especially if Pinarbasi is an extreme shortage of water . These difficulties to resolve hope of our town elderly , with young people , with headmen , imams and towns serving in our teachers and consultative one way this problem to fix our best will try to do , \"he said .

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