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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:15

Full Support from Governor Earth Kemalpaşal Manufacturers

Full Support from Governor Earth Kemalpaşal Manufacturers
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Bağyurdu Organized Industrial Zone ( BAYOSB ) who visited İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak, gave full support to encourage industrialists .

İzmir news:
BAYOSB of the Board of Directors and coming together industrialists and İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak, listened to problems and projects in the region received information about . Soil closely involved with the issue of incentives , gave full support to industrialists . BAYOSB diplomas to graduates of the Vocational Training Centre that the first Earth, teens and wished success in their professional lives . Diploma ceremony conducted before the meeting Gulab Governor Kamuran Taşbilek and Gulab Mayor Arif Lucky is attending BAYOSB Regional Director Figen Akdemir the region associated with the work and made a presentation .
BAYOSB Board of Directors in his speech the President Telser Aydin region, support should be given to industrialists , he said. Incentives shortages are still not addressed and therefore have difficulties explaining that they Telser , \"The Organized Industrial Zones of the most important problems encouraged . These issues repeatedly attempted to bring up , still not found a solution . Industrialists in this region want to invest , but the incentive problem by eliminating y our Turgutlu and Manisa is preferred. our region well into the field Gulab Industrial Valley to the national economy about $ 5 billion contribution we provide . incentive problem of the disappearance in the region will increase investment and 5 billion dollars annually , the trade volume to $ 10 billion to reach . this issue our state support necessary expect \"he said.
İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak of the subject sensitively would focus on and promote issues around to eliminate all kinds of support will be provided , he said. Toprak said:\"Turgutlu Organized Industrial Zone and back to back with Bağyurdu Organized Industrial Zone in promoting different structures is not appropriate. However, provincial differences in terms of on promoting such a distinction to avoid the obligation to supply is . Together so close to the boundary to the boundary an organized industrial zone that it is not learned . Izmir Governor as I am and Gulab Mayor on this issue with Ankara on this issue decision-making mechanisms , local as the strength of the local administrators, the idea of ​​transfer need . our organized Industrial Zones encourage more we need to . because this region in the formation of large investments , big spending is being done and this place becomes vacant is considered not the case . We issue in Ankara difficult though , Turgutlu and Manisa has received encouraging group into taking the necessary support that will give. difficult job , but more audio Putting an appropriate formula found I believe. \"
dIPLOMA were given
Bağyurdu organized Industrial Zone Vice President Fahrettin Selçikler after the speech , Vocational Training Center's first graduates diplomas issued İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak ceremony and was presented by members of the protocol .


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