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  • 29 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 09:02

Gained wealth not put his mouth over chips

Gained wealth not put his mouth over chips
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Ezgi Mola stand out from the image of a cute chubby girl giving 20 pounds, was the face of an advertising firm chips

Ezgi Mola famous actor, decided to get rid of excess weight, eating three meals a day is very loved and said it did not take even the mouth of said chips.

However, the famous actor, chips, states that life has done screens or a chips brand advertisements in the coming days to come.

received 300 thousand pounds

It is the face for two years before and 1 million 250 thousand pounds of Beren Saat Ezgi Mola, which will play the commercial chips, to win 300 thousand pounds. Celebrity publicist Ali Taran'ın capture three-part ad Mola In the first movie, the pop singer will appear.

break is 20 pounds, he explained how he survived:3 hours a day I'm walking my dog. At the same time feeding on a balanced and healthy. Open the table in no time in getting up. Now even dispose dispose eat vegetables.


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