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  • 28 Mayıs 2013, Salı 13:29

Galatasaray description of the case

Galatasaray description of the case
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Galatasaray Sports Club, issued a statement about the lawsuit filed by Bruno Heiderscheid'ın to CAS.

Galatasaray description of the Club's official web site on the subject as follows:

" CAS Galatasaray Sports Club, which was filed before the case relates. Bruno Heiderscheid on 16 April 2013 ("Plaintiff") filed a lawsuit against our club to CAS by.

Lawsuit Rigobert Song and Robert Pires'le in 2005 relates to the agreements signed on. According to the contracts in question, although in 2011, the plaintiff signed a peace settlement protocol protocol is required for cancellation and re-collection of the receivable arising from the aforementioned agreements.

plaintiff until the date of the original decision will be Euro 1.71 million as per the contractual process requires the collection of a penalty, and the annual interest rate. As of today, the amount claimed is approximately 8 million Euro. Plaintiff Furthermore, by the CAS, the invalidity of the peace protocol in hükmedilmemesi Euro and 250,000 Euro 5,000,000 is requested to award compensation.

following the issuance of the statement of case, the necessary correspondence with the club by the CAS been made. May 23, 2013 As of 14 June 2013 for the payment of advances costs of arbitration the parties are given the length of time. club case response time of the petition, the advance payment will be determined then.

Finally, again following the renewal of the termination of his relationship with the club insisted that the Plaintiff, after the rejection of the demands of our club görülmeyerek appropriate to note that this case is going to substitute the path. Indeed, Plaintiff sued the contracts receivables that our club has given absolution Plaintiff in this case is fixed ibranamelerle trench does not have any basis for a law.

respectfully announced to the public.

Galatasaray Sports Club"

Galatasaray description of the case" comments for.


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