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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:49

Galatasaray Election Goes to 2 candidates

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Galatasaray will be held on October 18-25 for the second extraordinary general meeting selectable output presidential candidate .

İstanbul news: The application period for nomination to the Board of the Court at 18.00 has ended .
Yellow-red club for this month's presidential election, and feelings of Alba Yarsuvat Yalman Court made ​​reference to the Board . Galatasaray community initially announced his candidacy for the presidency of Alp Yalman , Emotions in the final hours of the presidential candidate was Yarsuvat . Yellow-red before in Özgörkey Jamal and Mehmet Helvacı'nın nomination came up , twin then their statement candidates ahve had announced .
Other hand, the presidential candidate from the list of alleged some names are as follows:
Alba Yalman \"Business Chalabi , Taner love , Engine Kaptanoğlu Levent Nazifoğl the Dikran Sonmezgil , Nasuhi Sezgin . \"
of emotion Yarsuvat:\"Abdurrahim Albayrak , Ebru Koksal, Mete Twin, Hamdi legislature , Arda Quarterly, Dursun Uzbek Ural Aküzüm . \"

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