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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:01

Galatasaray officially announced the transfer

Galatasaray officially announced the transfer
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Galatasaray Sports Club, said the stock market began negotiations for the transfer of Bruma.

Super League Galatasaray live in a troubled process continues to work in the transfer. Yellow-red the Portuguese government agenda Bruma name took the first step.

Galatasaray management, for the transfer of the Portuguese Bruma'nın began negotiations with the Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon stock exchange said.

staff UEFA Champions League 01:00 BST tonight to negotiate due to be delivered until the terminating Galatasaray, the young talent will be included in the list as well.

Bruma 12 million euros, the second most expensive in the history of testimonial bedeliyle Galatasaray won the title. 5-year 1.6 million euro for every season of the protocol guarantees the money will Bruma'nın said. Yellow-red club Porto for 16 million euros paid in 2000, Mario Jardel.

peaked in Turkey

Bruma, held in Turkey, Portugal National Team Under-20 World Cup finals showed a great performance while wearing shirt. 5 goals in 4 games while on duty records the wings of young talent, assists in 2 times. Including Chelsea and Real Madrid among the giants Galatasaray appeal was Bruma'nın address.

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