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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 12:39

Galatasaray's fate in Madrid

Galatasaray's fate in Madrid
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Galatasaray in the Champions League, where the critical match of Group B will be played tonight.

İstanbul news: Galatasaray in the Champions League, where the critical match of Group B will be played tonight. Yellow-reds from Spain points, or points out an important step towards returning the group wants to throw.
eyes Galatasaray Real Madrid has turned to match. Champions League Group B, the leader of the Spanish team, this evening Bernabeu Stadium in the yellow-red team will be accommodated. Giants for second place in Group B League with Juventus this evening and Copenhagen, as well as the matches will be played between Real Madrid and Galatasaray, will determine the fate of the Group. Real Madrid come from the group that guarantees today, if you want to win at home against Galatasaray.
Galatasaray injuries experienced in recent days the team will even bother. In particular, the injured Fernando Muslera and Sneijder, yellow-red before the match Real Madrid the biggest problems in the community. Because of injuries not yet succeeded in Madrid goalkeeper Fernando Muslera'nın not taken place, a fortress to protect young Eray İşcan. Dutch star Wesley Sneijder ended Treatments taken to Spain, although it seems difficult to play in the first 11 this evening. Galatasaray coach Roberto Mancini, according to the course of the match Sneijder will play and you will not risk thinking Juventus said.
Galatasaray Mancini's tactics will continue today against Real Madrid in the first 11 matches missing a conspicuous excess of footballers with other elements. Gökhan Zan recovered from injuries, defender Chedjou partnership will make this evening. Semih Kaya, which will play an important role in defense in the absence of Gökhan Zan new relief from injury and matches missing, leaving a question mark in the mind to be. Yellow-red team, which is transferred to a high value of young talent Potekizl Bruma, today will be on the field against Real Madrid in the first 11 of footballers. Bruma, Sports Toto Super League foreign sufferer due to the limitation of not wearing uniform. Portuguese football player and ready to be missing the match due to lack of, how to face the Spanish team will perform curiosity. Especially since the beginning of the season in left Galatasaray experiencing difficulties in that area, showing a good performance in the match Sivasspor Riera, take place in the field against Real Madrid. Spanish footballer missing a match due to be enough for now, it said.
Will have a lot of to wram ERAY
Castle Fernando Muslera'nın Eray young gloves took over due to injury İşcan today perhaps the most important day of his career. Galatasaray Real Madrid match is critical to protect the castle with Eray, a Spanish team needs to pay attention to the talented feet. Eray İşcan, despite having less time in the last two matches of Fenerbahce and Sivasspor matches gives you confidence in the castle with his successful save.
Cristiano Ronaldo NONE
Real Madrid's Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo will not be on the field today against Galatasaray. Due to injury of possession stated to be star players, the last condition is not obvious from the match clock clarified that it would.
Ronaldo wants to play, but the Madrid team's technical boss Ancelotti Portuguese footballer condition to play even if the risk not paying the match's progress by the game that you can take the was also announced.
also 4 out of Ronaldo at Real Madrid footballer yellow-red team against giyemeyecek form. Luka Modric will not play because of the penalty in the Spanish team Khedira, Coentrao Varane and will take place in the squad.
President Unal lunar WANT SUCCESS
in the Champions League quarter last year Galatasaray who finale, the management and the President of the lunar Unal, Real Madrid and Juventus matches importance to the individual. Beginning of the season, 'caught in the Champions League last year to drive our success and we need to do better,' said the President of the lunar purse-opener in these two matches of the news.
this time with Galatasaray, Real Madrid faced up to six times. Another amazing statistic between the two teams, the two teams played in six matches the number of wins in the presence of 3-a 3 equality.
B Champions League Group today evening at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid and Galatasaray between the hours 21.45 to start the match on the first possible 11 in the following way:
Real Madrid :"C asillas Ramos , Pepe, Arbeol to Marcelo, Illaria Otamendi, Casemiro, Isco, Ballet, Di Maria, Benzema"
Galatasaray :"E rail underpasses, Dany, Chedjou, Jennifer, Riera, Eboue, Melo, Selcuk, Bruma, Drogba, John"

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