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  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 11:42

Galatasaray trying to do?

Galatasaray trying to do?
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Galatasaray-Cluj Arena stadium game version of the world fucked us.

Our situation is like that all the time! After the fact trying to cover up mistakes. Galatasaray match in Cluj Arena stadium version of the new model that hurt our souls. Acıtmakla our inner left, we fucked the world.

Kazanacakken, not to mention the money lost the match and in the future. According to these claims, the first responsible in making the stadium showing the Galatasaray management. All off the top of the stadium by the government given the task to Galatasaray.

Youth and Sports Ministry officials said they are suffering from this situation. Galatasaray even send the information from the management of protest.

Well, why ever not closed over the stadium? In which it claimed to cause managers mw 3 ...


1-concrete structure of the stadium seated properly. For this reason, new roof, and the mechanism may adversely affect the entire stadium jam.


2-UEFA matches being played as the critical need for an open top. For this reason, was not seen as an urgent need for closure.


3-grass constantly need the light of day. Shutdown may be damaged if the ground.

Closing costs Euro 10 million

1-Galatasaray Sports Club, the cost of closure of the roof of the arena at least 10 million Euro.

2-Turk Telekom Arena Stadium, only £ 178 million for the construction of the money spent.

3-Galatasaray Turk Telekom Arena Stadium in 2011-2012 The total revenue from 55 million dollars.

4-Galatasaray won the UEFA missed earlier in the day with great effect floor of EUR 1 million prize with 3 points missed.

Status that's it. There are many excuses you make, but the less we find we work. Unnecessary time and money, but this kind of things, things always seen as a chore. Income even after the infamous ourselves on our minds.

Let's just say I have already traveled to the horse had turned off the Üsküdar passing score. We stayed at the arena is the form of the swamp waiting to be rescued.

Mehmet Senturk

Galatasaray trying to do?" comments for.


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