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  • 22 Ocak 2013, Salı 22:36

Galatasaray University, historic buildings of the fire wrecked

Galatasaray University, historic buildings of the fire wrecked
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Campus of the University of Galatasaray Besiktas historical wooden building caught fire.

Besiktas Galatasaray University campus

historical wooden building caught fire. Join the burning roof of the building collapsed. Fire-fighting vehicles were operated by land and sea.

located on the campus of the University Ortakoy historical wooden building, built in 1871, 3 floor of the room, the electrical contact of the instructor allegedly a fire broke out. Growing fire wood building engulfed in a short time. Fire spread to the roof, sea and land firefighters intervened. Sariyer on the growth of the fire scene, Besiktas, Sisli and Beyoglu fire brigade crews arrived. In addition, the sea began to be in 3-extinguishing fire-fighting tool.


water and foam fire while repairing historic building, subsidence occurred on the roof of a burning building. Sirayetini surrounding buildings, trying to prevent the fire firefighters searched the building in case there were students. Fire staff and students in the field of police officers inside the station announcements warned to come out. During the operation of the fire brigade, the police stopped traffic at Ciragan Caddesi.

the path of the fire police team Besiktas-Ortaköy is completely closed to traffic. He in your apartment closed to traffic fumes from place to place in the covered way. Affected by a fire in the ambulances were admitted to hospital because of the fumes. Been in operation for about 2 hours of firefighters to control the fire, the ruins of the historic building was damaged in the back, and had been reduced to ash. An investigation was launched.

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