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  • 01 Kasım 2013, Cuma 09:10

Gardıroplarınızı Makeover

Gardıroplarınızı Makeover
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2013 autumn-winter season, which parts should invest in? We chose to add the clothes according to the trends of the season gardıroplarınıza.

fashion fairy magic wand waved once more and was presented the new trends of the season. You've decided you want to adapt your style which of these trends, the rest is easy. Are you a woman vamp and feminine? Or are you passionate about grunge been a maverick? Sweet pink, flame red, do you prefer? A myriad of options. No doubt in the mind of those suit you çeleceğine of all these options.

2013 autumn-winter season in different moods

runways, assorted women faced. Those women who shaped the minds of fashion designers, figuring they supply their creations creations. I did not see who is on the podium? Hitchcock and sexy femme fatale vulnerable women who dress reckless under the influence of the 90s grunge movement, Marlene Dietrich states that mirror the feminine masculine attitude, midas touch, and much more bürünenleri Dore.

Regardless of the streets to the catwalk trend

bulmayacağını all know very well. Some of them are part of the show is just repackage. Easy for you to us, we have put together a guide of adaptive trends. In this guide, you can easily absorb the trends of the season, and you can choose the pieces to fit your style.

Scottish plaid

# INSERT (InlineImage, catwalk_1)

plaid pattern is identified İskoçya'yla season has conquered runways. Celine designer Phoebe Philo, especially loved this pattern. So much so that it both to increase the emphasis on plaid top, skirt and used. We do not want you to deliver you will be ekosen style. However, a plaid shirt captures the spirit of the season by playing a role in college style.


Pencil Skirt

# INSERT (InlineImage, catwalk_2)

season is one of the leading actors of the appearance of ultra-feminine pencil skirt to meet. Serving as the wardrobe of every woman's life-saving skirt 2013 autumn-winter season is gaining more and more importance. Him, cashmere knitwear, thin belts and stiletto high heels can create wonders by bringing together the trio.

Candy Pink

# INSERT (InlineImage, catwalk_3)

Pink Pink Clothes! The hearts of all of us need to give a piece of pink this season. Because it is impossible to live without it. This color palette is very wide came into our lives. Who want to be a bit childish powder pink, fuchsia use edenlerse prefer to be more feminine. Which of you is pink?



# INSERT (InlineImage, catwalk_4)

autumn melancholy mood was under the influence of florals. Leaves turn yellow and began to pour. Trees, flowers, farewell. Designers vivid floral patterns give up the lighter spring, abstract, and even used the pessimistic ones.

Volume Coats

# INSERT (InlineImage, catwalk_5)

an essential part of the volume of the holy book of fashion coats

season. Geçiremeyeceğinizi paltosuz know very well that the season of winter. However, another outwear season. Dip into the turtle-like cocoon into the model was a favorite of designers. Aşırmışsınız boyfriend's wardrobe in the same way that seems bulky coats. You do not want to remove all your over your winter coat, you better invest in one. What about indigo?

Classic crowbar

# INSERT (InlineImage, catwalk_6)

hallucinogenic patterns of the past season and set aside. Calm down and heading towards the classics this season. Crowbar pattern tops classics, though the designers were able to make it trendy. Crow's feet patterned blouse, flared skirt and knee-boots to match Chelsea.

Stylish Sweatshirt

# INSERT (InlineImage, catwalk_7)


sports halls left a few seasons. Şıklaştılar so that the crepe trousers were worn in the A-cut skirts. You can also give them a chance this season. Fill-heeled sneakers with them kombinleyebileceğinizi sweatshirt'ünüzü note that while driving spree.



# INSERT (InlineImage, catwalk_8)

grunge theme of the season, Kurt Cobain's heirloom cast hırkalarda come to life. This trend reminiscent of a warm robe that even yaklaşmıyorsanız printed cardigans to wear with dresses or tights"No,"I do not expect diyebileceğinizi.

Author: Seda Yilmaz living in Istanbul fashion editor, writer and blogger is. ELLE fashion news of Turkey
served as editor of such Marie Claire EM and trend analysis on the portal
Contributed to various publications including WGSN fashion and beauty
found. Living in a smaller shops in the city is worth a visit
The authors of the book exceptional guide in Istanbul. Writings often
frequent The Style Glossy
is located.

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