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  • 19 Eylül 2014, Cuma 10:29

Gastroscopy in the Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer Gold Method

Gastroscopy in the Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer Gold Method
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Gastroscopy procedure applied to the stomach , stomach discomfort and stomach cancer in the diagnosis of many medical world as the method used by the gold .

İstanbul news: Gastroscopy procedure applied to the stomach , stomach discomfort and stomach cancer in the diagnosis of many medical world as the method used by the gold .
tip illuminated with a camera gastroscope device into the esophagus , stomach and duodenum view the gastroscopy procedure , gastritis , ulcers, reflux such as stomach discomfort and stomach cancer in early diagnosis of gold as the method is known. Gastroscopy procedures for patients suffering from stomach warned not to be afraid Eurasian Hospital General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Coates have seen , \"In our country, public and private , including all hospitals by the gastroscopy procedure is a very common way can be applied . Cancer in the direction of diagnosis expedite our ability to present the gold standard is the method . The physician has been proposed by the patients it without fear , without hesitation and without loss of time should make ,\"he said .
HOW tO ENSURE gastroscopy ?
gastroscopy procedure esophagus, stomach and duodenum Open in saying that the imaging process . Dr. Have seen , the process following words were:
\"We admitted our patients usually in the stomach for a long time heartburn , burning after eating indigestion after eating food from the stomach sour water, which is described as reflux complain. These complaints patients admitted to our gastroscopy procedure is recommended. gastroscopy we call the process camera system with the help of the esophagus , starting from the stomach and duodenum to display the process. doing this that the camera system, we clearly these listed three space esophagus, stomach and duodenum inside the potential lesions in detail to appear , intervene to and to the diagnosis , but also allow us in taking a biopsy is necessary . \"
gastroscopy process takes place in a sterile room , indicating that half of the Op. Dr. Coates have seen , \"Operation half a sterile room we apply . These fields to patients who underwent procedures to patients in semi-stunning are applying , and thus patients undergoing treatment unresponsive to align are making . These anesthetic our patients in a comfortable way endoscopy of the unwanted. Therefore to be feared not a process . Everyone's hearts with the convenience of book can be received, this semi-narcosis with the event then remember a process that , \"he said.
gastroscopy after the ulcer, reflux and cancer Open expressing many disease can be diagnosed . Dr. Have seen , \"applied by the process of the esophagus may be in any lesions are able to detect . Esophagus and stomach junction in the area generally reflux that causes a valve function that makes the muscle layer is . These muscle layers that may occur in slack because this reflux or stomach hernias to see our chances can be. gastritis , ulcers, stomach cancer ailments such as diagnostics would like . reflux , if the stomach and duodenum between the muscle layer relaxation result if her some drugs would recommend . patient's social life , nutritional status change. But reflux, formed an upset stomach hernia is connected to its surgical treatment is going on . only medication is not enough. duodenal ulcers that form in also can see . Transaction during the biopsy took them pathologically diagnosed send our possibility there . biopsy saw suspicious lesions of the stomach , anywhere in the esophagus or twelve fingers we have seen in the gut and put pathological diagnosis of suspicious lesions to be applied to patients after treatment is a process we do in order to determine . According to the results of treatment according to patient discomfort in the stomach or gastric cancer surgery, according to him, if you see anything suspicious in terms of making an application , \"he said .

Gastroscopy in the Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer Gold Method" comments for.


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