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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:00

Gathered for Kocaeli Kopani

Gathered for Kocaeli Kopani
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HDPE made ​​by participants from across the country to call Kocaeli curfew was lower than expected .

Kocaeli news: Photo hdp'n wake up to the call of a small group gathered at the Republic Square in the town of Izmit . Read the press release on behalf of the group of Prof. various slogans . Dr. Yucel Iron \"Today Kobani'yi in dignity under great danger. Recent history's greatest genocide to occur Kobani'de . Death , rape, and are relegated to the bodies in all kinds of carnage media starts being separated from their bodies , children are dying because of hunger and thirst. It should be noted that only Kurds are not Kobani'de . All are killed people from ethnic and religious backgrounds . human being killed all over the Middle East, the cultures are destroyed , artistic products damaged whether different languages ​​and ideas banned temples, shrines , temples, mosques, churches are being bombed . It's just the Kurds , Arabs , Turks , Armenians, Assyrians , not Assyrians . All of humanity is the problem. So life is under threat and together pretend to recover social values ​​, let's save the human dignity. life and support self-sacrificing to young men and women to save humanity let . always Let's get together with Kobani'yi and its resistance. O mankind remains silent on this massacre . Also stop the atrocities, the curse of barbarism , save lives. It always has to Kobani'yi representing our liberal soul Let's go together , \"he said . Following the press release Photo Group disbanded without incident .

Gathered for Kocaeli Kopani" comments for.


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