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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:44

Gaziantep Export Growth Continues

Gaziantep Export Growth Continues
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Gaziantep , the 6.6 percent increase in October exports of $ 569 million was realized.

Gaziantep news: Photo evaluating the export figures Gaziantep Chamber of Industry ( GSO) Chairman Adil Konukoglu this year from Gaziantep in October last year by 6.6 percent October increase collects reported that 569 million 742 thousand dollars of exports made ​​. Gaziantep , the Konukoglu reminded that retains its place among the biggest exporter of the top ten cities in October , gave the following information:Photo \"When the January-October period is taken into account in Gaziantep exports grew by 2.7 percent compared to the same period last year 5 billion 419 million 891 reached a thousand dollars. in January-October period of 2013 in Gaziantep 5 billion 277 million 529 export was made ​​is worth a thousand dollars. \"Photo weak demand in the global economy and its exports despite the negative effects of the problems in the Middle East they continue to increase emphasizes Konukoglu of these regional markets with the end of the negative developments will regain its former vigor , he said. he continued
course positive captured in the EU market striking a fair Konukoglu , the continuation of export growth pace for the rest of the year they are waiting .
orientation to export new companies in Gaziantep , Chairman of GCP stating that they are trying to be supportive to raise their export volumes entering new markets of existing firms Konukoglu , said:Photo \"is export one of the most important resources in order to provide a sustainable growth of our country. We do everything in our part to Gaziantep on this subject . Turkey's economy is growing we are always doubled . The success of our city in Turkey and even talk with praise in the world. Now our goal is to work more and produce more , to catch their exports by 2023 . Enabling the transition to higher value added products and technology in our industry to do so, we strive to reinforce our competitiveness . Self-renewing and new horizons in front of the country puts Gaziantep businessmen, export lath He will carry up to much more . \"

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