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  • 20 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 18:12

Gaziantep Private Hospital'Prostate Disease And Treatment'Recounted

Gaziantep Private Hospital'Prostate Disease And Treatment'Recounted
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Gaziantep Private Hospital Public Open Urologist is within the scope of the conference .

Gaziantep news: Gaziantep Private Hospital Public Open Urologist is within the scope of the conference . Dr. By M. Necmettin Lentils'Prostate Disease and Therapy'issues were discussed.
Oper . Dr. M. Necmettin Lentils, at the conference \"What is the prostate \", \"inflammation of the prostate \", \"benign prostatic hyperplasia \", \"prostate cancer \", \"diagnosis and treatment \"and gave information on the subject . Oper . Dr. Lentils, men no complaints even if there is 50 years since an annual prostate cancer for evaluating consult their doctor suggested .
Male urethra of the (urine , urine from the bladder out, carrying the channel) start forming part of the prostate , the male reproductive system is a part , secretory function in the structure of the gland is an organ , indicating that the Open . Dr. Lentils, \"expressing some special substances semen liquefaction and sperm of survival ,\"he said .
Prostate a large chestnut or walnut-sized , about 18 to 20 grams in weight and that until age 40, this size is left in this age of growth since the start explaining Oper . Dr. Lentils, prostate-related diseases ; benign prostatic hyperplasia , prostate inflammation and prostate cancer, including three groups can be studied , he said.
\"prostate benign hyperplasia, the most common prostate disease. Prevalence increases with age ,\"he's Oper . Dr. Lentils, over 50 percent in men over the age of 60 , was seen by 90 percent over the age of 85 reminded.
Enlarged Prostate
Oper providing information about prostate enlargement . Dr. Lentils, he continued:
\"bladder ( urinary bladder ) at the outlet obstruction , causing urine flow difficult and patients to urinate at starting strain, intermittent urination, a complete inability to urinate , frequent night urination, again urination , feeling of urine at the end of the drip and urinary incontinence urination related complaints , causing the quality of life is adversely affected. these complaints , in addition to bleeding in the urine , frequent urinary tract infections, complete blockage , bladder formation of stones and renal dysfunction , leading to life-threatening situations can cause . the prostate growth, sexual function impairment may also cause . disease treatment , sexual function, the return has an important contribution . \"
treatment of these patients in the goal complaints , reducing improve quality of life and disease-related complications to prevent the formation as describing Oper . Dr. Lentils, said:
\"treatment observation, medical (drug ) or surgery ( surgery) as options are available . Treatment options the patient's symptoms severity of the patient's preference , concomitant presence of other diseases and side effects are taken into consideration is determined . Recent years medical (drug ) treatment and minimally invasive surgical methods ( closed surgery ) has emerged as the first choice . \"
inflammation of the prostate
negatively affect patients'quality of life of prostate another disease, inflammation of the prostate ( prostatitis ) , which provides information on Oper . Dr. Lentils, prostatitis in all age groups could be observed , recalled , \"but mostly in young men is revealed. Acute and chronic bacterial infection, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, and asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis , including inflammation of the prostate in four ways can be seen ,\"he said .
Oper . Dr. Lentils, patients'complaints prostatitis type vary , but often seen together the \"Fire-shake (acute prostatitis ) , burning during urination and difficult urination, frequent urination , discharge, groin and anal region towards the radiating pain , after orgasm pain \"as outlined.
is not a contagious disease of inflammation of the prostate , depending on the severity of symptoms in patients with erectile dysfunction can be seen in the penis during certain periods and resolution of symptoms after treatment stated that it is Open . Dr. Lentils, \"Acute and chronic infections caused by bacteria becomes , therefore, be treated with antibiotics should be saying\"treat briefed .
Of antibiotics into the prostate gland to reach the difficult because of the illness recover quickly could underlines Oper . Dr. Lentils, prostate gland reaches antibiotics for selecting treatment success is very important drew attention .
general 50 years later in men of prostate cancer in men after lung cancer at a very determined type of malignant tumor that emphasizes Oper . Dr. Lentils, asymptomatic in early stages of prostate cancer , occurs in the outer part of the prostate gland , he said.
Urinary tract narrowing after a very large tumor cause symptoms reminiscent of the Oper . Dr. Lentils, \"Regional pain , bone pain, urine or semen bleeding in cases of advanced disease can be detected. These symptoms , usually the tumor is no longer the prostate near the other has spread to tissues that is a sign ,\"he said.
Disease inside of the prostate are limited , so no symptoms at the time of detection is only 50 years since the emphasis will be detected by routine tests Oper . Dr. Lentils, \"At this stage, examination of the prostate with blood PSA ( Prostate Specific Antigen ) a substance called the measurement is made . PSA is low, then the subject with certainty of having prostate cancer do not show that , as was higher with certainty the presence of cancer precursor is not . However PSA fingers us about the value of prostate cancer patients with prostate examination and our assessment of prostate cancer is important in terms of showing the possibility , \"he said .

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