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  • 24 Temmuz 2013, Çarşamba 11:14

Gediz free 'entrepreneurship' course

Gediz free 'entrepreneurship' course
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Gediz University, Izmir, works like a school of entrepreneurship. Business-Kur and organized in collaboration with KOSGEB 'Entrepreneurship Project Support Programme Gediz address again. In this context, education will be free of charge until the end of 600 people.

70-hour program graduates, about 30 thousand pound grant for 100 thousand pounds advantage of government support could own workplace. Unemployed during the course of 20 pounds per day given pocket money, as well as the social security contributions paid training was intense interest. Three times for a quota of 350 applications were received in the first stage. Women constituted the majority of newcomers. Almost all the winners of the right to education through elimination was they.

Majority of trainees are women, entrepreneurship, business development, market research, marketing, production, management, business planning and finance course sport. Successfully completed, will be entitled to receive a certificate. Business-to Setup departures this document, KOSGEB grant daydreams have the opportunity to open businesses. Those who want to participate in the program, must apply Gediz University Campus Cankaya. Gediz University Continuing Education Center (Gesek) information can be obtained on the phone number 232-355 00 15.

Gediz University Rector. Dr. Deputy Rector, and support for this training is seen as a social responsibility project, said:'Public integrated, environment, adding value to a university aimed at opening up new horizons. The program includes participants from different age groups and professions, this is our goal. Project provides the integration to the society will be many."He said. Rector Agile, pointing to the presence of Turkey needs more entrepreneurs, especially women, said that interest in pleasing 'strengthening our economy, increase national income per capita and unemployment reduction, due to new investments and an increase in the number of our entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship Project Support Program, so special care. With this training, the coming period will see new entrepreneurs in our business world, how happy you will be an important part of the women. I congratulate the female learners exhibit an example of courage and entrepreneurship. Each of which employs the taxpayer, I strongly believe that it would establish businesses that return the wheels of the economy. Gediz University, we are proud of being part of the success. We will continue to inject the spirit of entrepreneurship in society. '

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