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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:41

Gemlik City Council was selected Chairman of the Bible Series

Gemlik City Council was selected Chairman of the Bible Series
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Gemlik general meeting of the City Council's first alternative was elected councilor Pharmacists Bible Series .

Bursa news: Photo Umar Hero Additional Services Building in the plenary meeting of the Gemlik Mayor Refik Yilmaz, former Gemlik Mayor Mehmet Turgut , village headmen , political party representatives , representatives of civil society organizations and representatives of public institutions. Gemlik Mayor opened by the General Assembly by providing the majority of Refik Yilmaz, began with the National Anthem of silence and read. President of the Court presided over by Semih Pala BKK , BKK Deputy Secretary General Cuneyt Acar and Gemlik District Education Director Mehmet Duran was elected by unanimous vote . Gemlik City Council work directive was adopted in the General Assembly. Photo Gemlik City Council is the only candidate for president of the board , the Bible Series I , being based on the voting results was unanimously elected president . In voting for Executive Board Sevim Koçdemir , Ismail Bakr , Mehdi Pain, Ahmet Cakmak, Ahmet Gazi Memiş, Kenan King, Güldane Barnes , John Kars , Fehmi Arslan , Ali Celik , Jennifer extracts and Halil Deckhand 98 been selected. Photo Gemlik Mayor Refik Yilmaz, said that they exhibit a good example of democracy in the General Assembly. Yilmaz said that they did the first meeting of the city council that on important stop , \"talk the future of everyone's district living in Gemlik , the idea declaration to the , we want to develop projects. Gemlik City Council will contribute to this process. Gemlik City Council to become more livable District also now moved his hand to put it under , \"he said . the President assumed the presidency BKK Photo Semih Pala Court , the general Assembly wished to bring the county and the city no cost. Mayor fulfilling the obligations provided by the law Refik Yilmaz and came together willingly Gemlik City Council thanking Semih Pala establishing the citizens , all administrators of city councils , administrators , civil society organizations and citizens , bringing together the roof , he said is installed. Local Agenda 21 process of voicing undertake continuing and important role to the concept of city council Pala, \"Gemlik, the places of Bursa and Turkey's most important settlement . That's why we care about the city council be established in Gemlik. The Mayor Refik Yilmaz keen on this subject no citizen is yielding intentions as a result of claiming . Bursa world who face opened and a lot of work to be done in Gemlik. Gemlik city Council, made ​​and to talk with each segment from human to do is to produce a solution will be forwarded to the relevant place . adaptation of the municipalities , the city council is also important. the city council will be strong , municipalities will also support. city councils , municipalities, not the followers , not the opposite. this is the fine line the city council must grasp well , \"he said . Photo describing the tweaking tasks laws city council Pala, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality'the support and contribution of the rapid completion of the formation and Bursa City Council said that Turkey's most powerful and become the most active city council . City council explaining that they create Pala manuals , booklets told that they deliver all over Turkey.

Gemlik City Council was selected Chairman of the Bible Series" comments for.


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