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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:13

Genclerbirligi Istanbul Başakşehir ended his undefeated title

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Chelsea coach Irfan Ice , 1-0 Basaksehir Istanbul about the match , \"Chelsea in Istanbul Başakşehir We wanted to be the time we finished undefeated , and we have .

Ankara news: Rightly have prevailed , \"he said . Photo Spor Toto Super League's Chelsea home in week 8. Istanbul Basaksehir 90 + 3 . Cannonball he found in minute 1-0 . Speaking at a press conference after the match Chelsea coach Irfan Ice , said they criticized on the grounds they play defensive against last week Fenerbahce. Ice , \"I think we had a fantastic competition Fenerbahce match ,\"he said .
\" My PLAYERS iNCREDIBLE fIGHT:for example the gAVE \"of a Photo Fenerbahce match after voicing be aware that they will play a tough struggle against Ankara Istanbul Basaksehir Ice , \"this match was very important for us. We definitely want to get 3 points. A 4-0 win from a Başakşehir, undefeated and a higher-level team in terms of motivation, our players want to push up against a team that gave an amazing example of struggle . A number of our relationship in the future we need to better proliferation , but we have a young friend , \"he said .
\" RIGHT WE CAME AS WINNERS \"Photo Irfan Ice , noting that deficiencies as a team , \"Important the result which everyone looks at the results . We won 1-0 in the final seconds. We Basaksehir residents trough the same puand 11 points . A very important event for us. I congratulate my fellow players . We wanted to be graduated from Istanbul Basaksehir time as Chelsea's undefeated , and we have . Rightly have prevailed , \"he said.
< Strong> BAŞAKŞEHİR WALL Photo İstanbul Başakşehir coach Abdullah Avci is said that they went to the goal of becoming the team last 7 week period . Hunter, today game plan sets stressing that they have to play the game , \"because the opponent had planned to play a more controlled us and begin a balanced game without removing too much of today. We have worked in this game. The game was not a good game today on behalf of the fact that the two teams. In the first 30-minute episode , we did not activated , go as you will not score until the morning probably subsequent sections are detailed in football, you win if you evaluate these details , you will lose if you do not evaluate , \"he said.
\"We want to keep the title, losing in this manner was sad , \"he speaking Hunter, congratulated the winner of the match Genclerbirligi . answering questions from journalists after the Photo Description Hunter, \"Istanbul Basaksehir , betterconcentrate on getting the big match ?\"is the question , \"I have nothing to do . When we look at the statistics, play against a great team , a team that won it continue in the post \"gave money .

Genclerbirligi Istanbul Başakşehir ended his undefeated title" comments for.


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