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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 22:11

Gendarme in Manavgat Drug Operations

Gendarme in Manavgat Drug Operations
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ANTALYA ( UAV)-Manavgat district of Antalya, 540 g of cannabis in the operation of the gendarmerie , 300 grams of heroin , 10 grams of cocaine, drug pills were seized 8 .

Antalya news:
According to information obtained , the gendarmerie teams operating in Side neighborhood of drugs being sold at an internet cafe receives notice of the exploration activities carried out by evaluating the internet cafe . H. D. belonging to a person named in an internet cafe in the search results packed in bags of 250 grams of cannabis , 8 drug pills were seized. H. D. calls at the house of a person named in 1 with 250 grams of cannabis were seized precision scales .
a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood of the gendarmerie teams Ilica vehicle and located within their operations and MET Y.Ö persons named on their search results 300 grams of heroin, which is considered the material seized .
Colakli neighborhood in a vehicle of persons who use drugs in the direction notice evaluating gendarmerie detected in vehicle m.can , EA and A.Ö named persons on them and tools made ​​in the search results 40 grams of cannabis and 10 grams of cocaine drug was captured.
Colakli neighborhood incidents the suspects their statements then released , Side and Ilica neighborhoods in operations detained 3 people were sent to the court .

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