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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:00

General Manager of The Lion Visits Beysehir

General Manager of The Lion Visits Beysehir
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Culture and Tourism Ministry General Director of Investment and Business Adnan Aslan , tourism investments and to make observations on some contact Beysehir visited Konya .

Konya news:
Lion, and Kubadabad Palaces Mosque in Beyşehir date Esrefoglu visited . Boat trips on the lake joining Maiden and toured some of the island to tourism desired . Lion , visit the accompanying Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acer , Konya Winter Sports Center is working to launched Derbent Aladdin and tourist area declared demands and gave information about the project-related technical details shared.
Lion Beyşehir after leaving with a visit in our assessment Beysehir Mayor Murat Özaltın Beysehir basin as a tourism point of the expected and desired location emphasized that the . National parks , archaeological sites on topics such as difficulties due Beysehir ever tourism investments received a grant stating that Özaltın them in order to overcome regional deputies with hand in hand , is a long time effort and effort is in , he said. Beysehir visiting the Culture and Tourism Ministry of Investment and Business General Manager Adnan Aslan in Beyşehir entertained stating Özaltın , who accompanied him Konya Metropolitan Municipality Development Affairs Department and Deputy Secretary General together with Beysehir a boat tour perform said . In the lake about 16 candidates they traveled and historic Kubadadad Palaces Kızkalesi the Lions showed they Beyşehir geography tells that transfers Özaltın , \"Beysehir tourism to participate , to gain , tourism investments in making their own informed ,\"he said .
the visit , the only Beyşehir in terms of assessment would be wrong to emphasize Özaltın Beyşehir around , in the same basin are located Derebucak , Hüyük , Derbent and Seydişehir such as the district well that drew attention . All districts a large project done every district of the dynamics of further growth will lead to specifying the Özaltın , \"Beysehir If we want to , our county by nature lake , the islands have . It to tourism needs to be . Especially islands he insisted we say. 33 units islands have and their approximate 20 archaeological sites have been declared . that any service or project can not be made . Hence, we general manager devote our our Karaburun our beach , scouting our facilities we have talked about . herein tourist area was declared can be made about themselves asked for help . himself Beysehir first time come , he added , the next process projects would help the promised , thank you . Hopefully in the coming period , both general directorate , as well as ministerial whether the project development will continue , \"he said .
BASIN aS A COMMON decided to act
Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acer , the Beyşehir as local governments in the basin should be joint action on certain issues , he said. And geography of this region of Konya that emphasizes the need for Acer , especially in the center of Konya, the need to be channeled to the region's growing population , he said . Some day visit to Konya Mevlana Museum, with an emphasis on tourism investment in this region could be removed in 3-5 days underlines Acer , gain new tourism investments will give an impetus to the region , he said. Winter Sports Center in Konya work to be carried out in Aladaglar culture and tourism ads that mention the ongoing work related to Acer , General Manager Share this topic Aslan told. Acer , \"Hopefully soon it will happen. There , ski together , paragliding , mountaineering, off-road sports, mountain biking and so on. , Such as sporting activities to be done. Meanwhile, the ski resort construction of our rapidly nearing . This winter in particular our way making day there ski activities will accelerate . However, starting next year professional ski resort making and private sector tourism region to be declared with into this business with the introduction of Konya important that a color will win , God willing. We also issue our best role're trying to play . Meanwhile, Beyşehir also very important in our district . Again, very important work is being done . we Derbent , Derebucak and Hüyük districts like our this ring by entering into both our region , both in Konya , our and our country will have won . We such studies are very caring. However, the relevant activities are in , \"he said .

General Manager of The Lion Visits Beysehir" comments for.


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