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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 14:03

Genital Wart Disease Sexually Smudges

Genital Wart Disease Sexually Smudges
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Denizli State Hospital, Dermatology Specialist Dr.

Denizli news: Denizli State Hospital, Dermatology Specialist Dr. Ertugrul Vehip seen of genital warts in the genital area , human papilloma virus (HPV ) is a sexually transmitted infection which is caused by and said it was .
of genital warts is mostly seen in people between the ages of 15-49 , and the incubation period of the disease may take weeks or years explaining Dist. Dr. Vehip Ertugrul , warned about the issue . Dr. Ertugrul , \"warts hot and humid regions because , especially in the genital area , around the anus and female genitals are more common . Small, skin-colored , red or brown bulging starts. Excess with a damp region if the whitish may appear . Increasingly grows and more cauliflower takes a look like , \"he said .
Genital warts are usually sexually transmitted disease mention that meet Dr. Ertugrul , \"the genitals or around the anus eczema, long-term vaginal discharge such cases, if the disease easier is transmitted . Genital wart virus that causes cervical cancer also may cause . However genital warts-causing types are usually low-risk group of viruses that are types . immune system problems in people with injuries more severe and treatment more difficult may respond , in these individuals the risk of recurrence is higher , \"he said .
Genital Warts protection from the most reliable way to avoid sexual intercourse or infected is known to be a sexual partner , monogamous saying that to live a relationships expert , Dr. Vehip Ertugrul , \"latex condoms correctly and consistently usage genital warts may reduce the risk , but condoms and uncoated areas of genital warts can be seen. Sexual intercourse after the genital area to wash , urine, antiseptic to clean the sexually transmitted disease prevention does not provide ,\"he said .
Genital Warts indicating that it may take weeks or months of treatment , Dr. Vehip Ertugrul , the location of the warts of treatment , such as the number and size would vary depending on the features and gave advice to couples . Dr. Ertugrul , \"Genital Warts If you have this situation as soon as possible sexual partner , notify your's and doctoral go make it count . The sexual partner genital warts for getting a treat if you do you see a doctor . Both you and the sexual partner in your findings when sexual intercourse Avoid . The genital wart If you have tested for other sexually transmitted diseases and make \"he concluded.

Genital Wart Disease Sexually Smudges" comments for.


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