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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 12:43

German Deputy Visits from Altaç

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Federal Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) deputy Aziz Tank , Justice and Development Party (AK Party) visited Diyarbakir Provincial Chairman Aydin Altaç .

Federal Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) deputy Aziz Tank , Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Diyarbakir Provincial Chairman visited Aydin Altaç . Photo deputy Aziz Tank SPD came to Diyarbakir to engage in a variety of contact , the AK Party Diyarbakir Provincial Chairman Aydin visited Altaç was exchanged ideas about the solution process. Covered by Altaç Tank, expressed his satisfaction with the visit. Speaking at the visit took place in the provincial building Altaç said that everyone should demonstrate the sincerity of the solution process. Altaç , \"the solution process is not a process has been started. The start of the process in 2002 . We are a party have taken samples of human rights in the settlement process and democracy . In the past , our country and our region has suffered a lot . We do not want to live again this pain. The day we came to power as the AK Party Since reforms in the revolutionary solution of this problem we have implemented . these are definitely kullanmadık.devlet all of the state as political ammunition when our main priority in this process is the 77 million citizens of serenity and trust who pays blame the if sabotaging the solution process heavily . Attractions against all provocative actions our government and will continue our dedication to the party . the solution process at street actions region and Diyarbakir experienced in our country's peace, brotherhood projesidir.6-7 October we see as the biggest injustice. Kopani events in this street actions were tools in politics , \"he said .
Photo \" Isidor is brutally MASSACRE DO \"Referring to events in the Middle East Altaç Photo , Isidor , which performs the most brutal practices of the last century, stressed that a structure . Altaç , \"Isidor , our brothers the Kurds and Syria, Iraq serves brutal massacre. Unfortunately, this massacre of performing Islamic values ​​in the foreground . It is not a situation that can be accepted . Actually a society of these attacks on innocent people is to eliminate it entirely. They are against humanity constitutes the crime of genocide constitutes one of the most serious crimes . different brutal massacres against ethnic and religious represents clearly what she looks like that and define Isidor perform . ISID is an international project . We pointed to the ISID the government is a terrorist organization, October 10, 2013 , \"he he said. the Tank Photo , Diyarbakir impressed by the spiritual atmosphere and is very upset that they themselves experienced the recent street protests, no one said that the right to denigrate the image of the city. Photo

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