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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:17

German Fotomodel has decided to become famous in Turkey

German Fotomodel has decided to become famous in Turkey
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In Germany, many years that clerks and fotomodellik Angie Katze , after 35 years and decided to become famous in Turkey .

Antalya news: Angie Katz's become famous adventure step by step, following RTL Television team, Belt program shooting made ​​.
journalists took the idea
Kemer district of Antalya Göynük neighborhood located in the Queen Elizabeth hotel'made ​​in the shooting , in an interview with Turkish journalists were performed . Local journalists and intubated Angie Katze in Turkey to be famous to do to retrieve information about tried .
German RTL Television's local time 12:00 \"published in Punkt 12 \"named in the program's producers , Angie Katze intubated with journalists, \"Angie Katze What are the chances of becoming famous in Turkey ? \",\"Do you have any suggestions to him becoming famous ? \"such as raised questions .
Turkish songs are sung by
Turkey before coming to \"next time \"named part of the voice of Angie Katze , Kemer soon in Germany, the new will be sold soda-type soft drinks shots bid received .
iNTERNET SITE to issue an wILL
in Turkey, a famous fashion model and singer determined to be indicating that Angie Katze , Model identity built and web site re-edited that and the description on the site of Turkish press, the documents , found his musical studies , he said. Angie Katze at regular intervals, came to Turkey to become famous for the initiatives , he said.
Sabine Paertmann management Algerian-born cameraman Adnan KHATIB and Turkish-born sound engineer Mustafa Özakbıyık consisting of RTL \"Punkt 12\"program at certain intervals of the team came to Turkey Angie Katz's initiatives and will identify ways in which the catheter was specified.

German Fotomodel has decided to become famous in Turkey" comments for.


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