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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 10:45

German politics, social media, timid

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Social media expert Ferit Demir, the Germans looking at other countries, abstained on social media, he said.

This is reflected in the expression of political parties to use social media, Iron, political parties in Turkey compared to German political parties are using social media more effectively expressed.

Ferit Demir,"These trade or politics has become significant when you observe it more hesitance. Because the political parties experienced teams work in this field are missing. Parties, trying to execute the social media activities of agencies. This is the same for humans not at eye level, a communication is perceived as lacking in credibility."said.

the Social Democratic Party's electoral success in Lower Saxony evaluating the relationship between the media and social media expert of iron, such as the local party organization, but it may be noted that in Germany it encountered. Social media expert, said:"A The success of the other countries merika'da deneyimleniyor politics through social media. Example, the total Turkish political parties organized all layers below the top of the unwanted. However, networks in Germany away from a strategy based on party organization, is small-scale and short-term."


Referring to the Turks in Germany, the use of social media Ferit Demir, Turkish is open to innovation and technology, said there is no communication barriers. Social media expert, but rather to establish a relationship based on communication, albeit virtual socialization of social networks that cater more to the Turks, who said the following words:

"like or dislike the Germans in a message sent to them, even fine tuning the list. Because they Since they are not to share too much information about, want to communicate more sheltered. Whereas social media requires transparency. Otherwise, you are in exclusive or long-term communications platform will not be able."

this determination and the political parties in Germany extremely important both in terms of social media relations, underlining that the Iron,"the full extent of work to be shared or dominant political development, social media will come to you and open questions need to be prepared. Which kind of reaction you can get what you calculate the target population. Otherwise you plan to get your money as the damage is reversible."she said.

Social media expert of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in this regard Germany alienating Muslims 'Lost' banner as an example of the action. Iron said:"A plug, taken a wrong step in the integration of social media, such as how quickly spread to one medium, may return as a reaction proved hard. Campaign showed response on this issue before the introduction of social media . If you were concerned that social media will be notified and the sound in one ear or re düzenleyebilecekti campaign. This is not the politics of the German social platform remained in the classroom in a sense, this campaign."

social media expert, especially in Germany Pirates Party Following the success of the increased interest in the country's political parties, social media, or even mentioned in the federal election as a harbinger of the success of the party, the Social Democratic Party in the elections of Lower Saxony, in some circles, is obtained as a result of the organization of the party in the direction of a good social media interpreted recalled.

German politics, social media, timid" comments for.


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