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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:36

German Women, Cosmetic Prefer to Malatya

German Women, Cosmetic Prefer to Malatya
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German ladies, do they prefer to Malatya for aesthetic surgery.

Malatya news: German ladies, do they prefer to Malatya for aesthetic surgery.
From Germany, from Malatya Turkish origin Bu Nikolhous with Gabriele Stache, Special Review has undergone plastic surgery at the Hospital.
German Gabriele Stache ' s while stretching both her legs, of Turkish origin, has reconstructive surgery on the nose Nikolhous Bu.
perform two operations Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Specialist Dr. Hakan Aydogan from abroad, many patients prefer Turkey, he said.
From Germany in recent years among patients with increased expression that Aydogan,"In recent years abroad patients' aesthetic surgery related to Turkey intense interest there. That the The major reason of aesthetic operations from Europe better being done. Besides the price advantage of Turkey requested an important role to play,"he said.
Aydogan, Germany most of the patients body contouring and facial aesthetic Malatya to come to the expressed By"German patients breast lift, reduction or augmentation, tummy tuck operations are doing,"he said.
of Turkish origin Bu Nikolhous a friend on the advice of Malatya came and said, nose job, he said.
German Gabriele Stache however, had a successful operation, noting that"I had a nice operation. Quite've enjoyed.'ll recommend to my friends"he said.

German Women, Cosmetic Prefer to Malatya" comments for.


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