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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:46

Germany Investment Call of the Valley Mayor

Germany Investment Call of the Valley Mayor
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Germany's European operations center in Gladbeck Çaycuma should Association ( caydiner ) , under the leadership meeting should Çaycuma program has attracted great interest .

Zonguldak news: Photo Gladbeck program carried out in the municipal cultural center , Çaycuma Mayor Bulent Weigand , Thursday Mayor Ismail joined Inam and Çaycuma Chamber President Hound Kandemir . Program , Germany, Cayden Chairman Muharrem Yigit, Gladbeck Compliance Assembly President Bakhtiar Unluturk, Lennestadt Integration Council President Nedim Kalembaş , NRW Migration Council and Gladbeck Integration Council Member Hasan Sahin, sound artists Sezai Contemporary, Kenan Albayoğl , the Çaycuma should businessmen and many should Çaycuma attended. The program began with a minute of silence for the martyrs who lost their lives in the mines from mining accidents occurred recently in Turkey. Following the introduction of mayors themselves , the program that discusses the Çaycuma the problem , officials in bureaucratic problems they face in season Çaycuma permission from the president should have demanded the establishment in Germany . Speaking at the program Çaycuma Mayor Bulent Weigand , the program which was held Çaydere's stating that he found very useful , Çaycuma Municipality as a thumbnail in the municipality of citizens problem-solving point of living abroad said they would fulfill the duty . Weigand , since it is the heart and soul of the mayor said they were trying to express as follows ;''We are extremely happy to be here rather than meeting up with our fellow Çaycuma . I offer my thanks to Çaydere . This program was extremely helpful . Such meetings are useful in frequently repeated. We are ready whenever they want our beloved countrymen. Our district has accumulated a mountain of problems . These problems we are trying heart and soul since the day we came to a solution . We have many problems . They were not able to solve in the short term . On behalf of our district , we try to give the best service . Çaycuma went back to the site . Missing in our most rapidly growing county , we will do Çaycuma center of attraction . We started to recover from the traffic jams in our district . Had serious studies on urban transport . The construction of our new city hall 1-We want to provide services , finishing in 1.5 years. Our municipal issues stacked . We will solve them in time . Our municipality has launched a major innovation in the field of communication with the public. We evaluate our citizens on the Internet and receive requests and problems instantly. On the other hand , we opened a special section of the service we provide to the white table name . Here, not only citizens living in my Çaycuma , our citizens abroad also can benefit from this service. Thus, in solving problems of our citizens abroad, I think it would be an important contribution . I as mayor , I expect investment from businessmen abroad. We will provide our best support to investors in the municipality. As long as they do invest in our county . Germany , our program was extremely helpful . We obtain significant improvements in technical terms . They will put into practice when we return to our country. To bridge the gap between our villages will also be working with our district . There is a problem in general in Zonguldak. Districts in the state in isolation. Çaycuma natural gas will expand heavily in our district . We opened our people in our municipalities in every sense . We welcome your criticism and your request. Çaycuma is progressing well on the way . We will also work with the beautiful surroundings of our resort in the coming time . Çaycuma I just do not see nothing from its territory . There are studies on metropolitan in Turkey. Metropolitan municipalities and district municipalities will be limited so as to include all villages. It's Çaycuma all villages in the next elections , Çaycuma Municipality had to return to the neighborhood. We have to be prepared for it as the municipality''he said . Thursday Mayor Ismail Inam ,''I am very happy to be here together with our fellow citizens . We as mayors , we wanted to listen to the problems of our compatriots abroad. My first visit to Germany. Our countrymen have welcomed us very warmly here . We make new friendships . In a technical sense it was very useful program. Thursday will be a nice town on behalf of our work . They have invested in our town businessmen in Germany. Municipalities are ready to provide support in all matters . We have much work to do in our town Thursday . When you look at our view of a village Unfortunately resort. We will fix it with the work to be done over time . We solve important work, such as infrastructure work quickly . Our municipality was a wreck . From start to finish we had to go to a renovation. Municipal borough with a strong understanding of our problems , we will solve together,''he said . Çaycuma Chamber President Hound Kandemir,''I want to invest in overseas businessmen . As chambers of commerce that allow our citizens abroad can apply directly to us that the problems related to trades . Let's join hands for a better Çaycuma''he said . The President of Muharram Yigit Cayden and Cayden as the introduction of Çaycuma , supporters will be done in our district as well as the necessary work . Çaycuma all of us. Will help the development of our county , we have all kinds of work in every sense ,''he said. Gladbeck Integration Council President and President Nedim Bakhtiar Unluturk in Kalembaşı Lennestadt Integration Council , in terms of introducing Çaycuma abroad in an important sense at times they also emphasized that the importance and integration of these studies. Compliance with both the city council president , said they would not support Çaycuma . Mayor of issues related to the questions were then posed . They Çaycuma living in Germany , the shopkeepers said they expect when they come to town allowed tolerance. Indicating that the participants in the field of culture expectations . Value of the region's important they want to exit with Huseyin Cakir . District stated that the participants disconnected from the village center , they will help strengthen the bond between town and villages.


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