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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 11:44

Get up food to be consumed

Get up food to be consumed
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Adana Chamber of Food Engineers Branch Chairman Alparslan Şehmus , safe food to be consumed before the feast warned their citizens about .

Adana news: Adana Chamber of Food Engineers Branch Chairman Alparslan Şehmus , safe food to be consumed before the feast warned their citizens about .
Alparslan , in his statement , especially during religious holidays noting that a significant revival in food markets , festivals , as well as the excessive consumption of food products consumed attention should be paid to the risks associated with the reliability , he said. urging citizens to be informed about this
Alparslan , before the feast of life emerging food safety principles is always possible to say that considering that arise , he said. Alparslan then said:
\"Especially mobile sales during this period increased , that in our city, everyone living captures the . This as well , especially confectionery , meat products as well as products increase in demand , along with food production naturally increases. This manufacturer trades in terms commercially desirable though production increases , hygiene and production technology in terms of showing due diligence adversely affect carries risk . therefore feast of friends of relatives come together , treats galore served happiest time of our taste not to miss the food consumed attention to the need to . \"
to citizens who are in preparation for Halloween with some practical information about food shopping Alparslan that , following warnings were found:
\"much of the food we consume should get , nothing more. especially in hot weather sold in open food temperature, dust , dirt, flies-insects exposure due to the required microbiological both physical and chemical aspects of the distortion is much easier that should be known, sold in open food purchase must . The cold storage of food products must be received by the end of shopping , we must deliver to the refrigerator as soon as possible . Will receive information on the label of food products , especially in the recommended expiry date or the date must be careful consumption , storage conditions specified in the label information as well as ourselves, should provide both sales over the dial . Condition of our kitchen while preparing food must comply with the general hygiene rules , products must leave at room temperature for a long time . Our food just consumed can quantities must elaborate on our tables quantity rather than the variety of places we have to . \"
During Ramadan fasting to citizens who advise the Alparslan ,\"Fasting citizens diet depending on a certain variability undergoes metabolism again a sudden variation disappoint should not , diet terms should show a smoother transition . Excess fat , carbohydrate foods should consume in small portions , \"he said .

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