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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 17:13

GETOB , Scottish Knife Condemns Attack on Tourists

GETOB , Scottish Knife Condemns Attack on Tourists
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South Aegean Touristic Hoteliers Association, a business district of Muğla Marmaris tourists attacked condemned the blade .

Muğla news: South Aegean Touristic Hoteliers Association, a business district of Muğla Marmaris tourists attacked condemned the blade .
GETOB President Bülent Bulbuloglu , assault tourists to the country, an attack on the reputation and image as described. Bulbuloglu about the rooms, and non-governmental organizations'representatives also called on .
South Aegean Touristic Hoteliers Association recently British tourists with a knife attack with hatred a statement condemning yayınladı.getob Bülent Bülbüloğlu by a written statement , the world thousands of holiday destination be preferred in various countries on behalf of Marmaris, do promotional activities were noted. This works great dedication , effort, and now lives with budgets emphasized. Bülbüloğlu , Culture and Tourism Ministry, the Governor's Office , Municipal MARTAB corporate identity as well as organizations with the support of the relevant agencies , with the contribution of accommodation businesses in Marmaris is one of the leading tourism destinations that drew attention .
Bulbuloglu , a shop in Marmaris tourists going to change bags , shopkeepers stabbed by 15-year-old son pointed to serious injury incidents . Bulbuloglu , \"domestic and foreign tourists made ​​against any attacks and ugly incidents the perpetrators of hate and condemn , condemn. These events only Call Eric Peter Copson made ​​against ordinary as an action , not in our region and our country's tourism , reputation and image were made against an attack , honest employees to workplaces betrayed describes him as we are . especially in space and from the \"Benefactor am ,\"he customer's knife attack so ignorant , unconscious and a furious artisans from the presence of all Marmaris public accommodation as industry representatives as we shame duyuyoruz.turizm justify our pride Marmaris our name , image , and to discredit anyone has no right , \"he said .
these adverse events Marmaris damage noted Bülbüloğlu respective rooms authorities and civil society organizations to representatives urged . Bulbuloglu , \"A bad because of all Marmaris under suspicion should not . Then such events to ensure there is primarily about the rooms authorities and non-governmental organizations representatives of these events that mankind get their share of persons flipping and interior of the debugging invite . Must we 20-year-old British Callum Eric Peter Copson , Rehabilitate a moment ago , I wish the perpetrators of the most heavily fined and wish for a more tragic event like this does not happen , \"he said.

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