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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:02

Giant Investment from Tofaş

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Tofaş , in accordance with the decision of the Board Order , partner Fiat Chrysler after the new sedan car project has been working on with Automobiles, if one of the other hatchback , including the station wagon , has announced that it plans to begin production of two new models .

İstanbul news: Photo Fiat Chrysler Automobiles's ( FCA ) is the largest worldwide production and R \u0026 D centers of Tofaş , in accordance with the decision of the Board Order , partner after the new sedan car project worked on by FC , ​​while one other hatchback , including the station wagon , has announced that it plans to begin production of two new models . Tofaş , which is planned to be produced in 2016 two new passenger total $ 520 million investment aims to cars. Koç Holding and Tofaş CEO explaining the decision Photo Investment Mustafa V. Koç said:\"We heard the future of our country, faith, and long-term perspective the point , we continue unabated invest in our speed. Koç Group as the largest period of organic investment in our history in many sectors , in passing, on a global scale will demonstrate the success of Turkish engineering we are excited to take the next investment in more signatures. new Doblo , New Sedan and now these two new models together reach Tofaş's investments amounted to a total of 1.4 billion dollars. Turkey 2023 vision , ie to carry the world's largest 10 economies that develop our strength of one industry of the building blocks we emphasize at every opportunity. is this the export of Tofaş our new auto investment accelerating the , to reduce the carrying export potential of the country's current account deficit, which I believe will contribute to a positive . \"Photo Tofaş CEO Kamil Basaran, Tofaş in the global competition ride stronger state that takes the lead , \"space being renewed in the power Tofaş R \u0026 D is given by we expressed the importance at every opportunity. Thus far, our R \u0026 D engineers near 600, Fiat-Chrysler's from Italy, we reached the next largest R \u0026 D center . That's the value we provide R \u0026 D today , we make all these investments , not only to our country , we see a great return on Tofaş together. Both have the product and technology development capabilities for customers in different countries worldwide automotive brands , and we have reached a level that can compete with the world, we produce our models developed under the leadership of FC. We have gained strength in global competition . At the beginning of the new Doblo 2015 , we aim to offer to the market in the last quarter of 2015 our new sedan model. Today we have explained to you in one of our other production hatchback, station wagon models have received our 2016 program. Under the new model projects, aimed production of 700 thousand vehicles between the years 2016-2023 . We also plan to export a significant portion of these two models . \"He said. Photo sent to the vessel yesterday by Tofaş \"3 . Quarter Financial Results \"statement also addressed the Basaran, \"despite the shrinking market conditions , we are moving in a stable line. Parallel to the first 9 months of last year we have achieved sales of 5.2 billion TL revenue. Approximately $ 1.5 billion in export revenue amounting to $ 400 million and we continue to create added value to the national economy more than foreign trade . We evaluate the advantages of being a financially strong company with new investment opportunities. As a more active player in the global market with our new projects , our primary goal is to achieve greater export revenues . \"He said .

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