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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 18:39

Giant Tire Operations

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Tire giant in the operation of the gendarmerie , 13 thousand 450 roots of Indian hemp were seized.

Tire giant in the operation of the gendarmerie , 13 thousand 450 roots of Indian hemp were seized.
Drug traffickers breathe gendarmerie forces , the Aegean region's largest operation was carried out in Tire . Izmir Provincial Gendarmerie Command and Tire District Gendarmerie Command teams after the intelligence work , Küçük Menderes plain Tire Kazantep locality within the boundaries GA have raided the house of a person named . Farmers learned that the gain in the house and in the garden of calls made , the corn field in the middle of planting reserved bred as 13 thousand 450 roots of Indian hemp and 176 pounds \"of cannabis herb known as\"drugs were seized.
Field rented
Field team that reaches to the owner of the land GA (36) some time ago by E. S. to a person named \"letting through\"learned that hire . D, the gendarmerie lease agreement , the lessor ES eyes were translated into the field this time . Playing field in the door of the house could not get any response gendarmerie teams by means of a locksmith opened the door . Suspect ES is raid shortly before the vanished learned.
Gendarmerie his intelligence work , followed by a sudden raid uncovered cannabis , about 3 feet long corn was cultivated in mid field was taking place . Around corn because of the occurrence that is almost impossible large amounts of cannabis by gendarmes seized .
Seized 13 thousand 450 roots of Indian hemp , to the scene by the gendarmerie teams dismantled a nearby empty and available in a garden burned and destroyed. < br/> Tire Governor Huseyin molten relevant information came to the garden and observations were received .
according to reports , the gendarmerie seize the market value of the drugs that were destroyed nearly three million pounds.

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