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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:30

Giant Turel from Antalya Film Studios And Plato Gospel

Giant Turel from Antalya Film Studios And Plato Gospel
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Antalya Mayor Menderes Turel , met with members of AntiAd businessmen.

Antalya news: Turel President Speaking at the meeting , Culture and Tourism Minister Omer last days with Steel noting that many important contacts in Los Angeles, \"We looked at the Universal film studios . We visited the cinema and television films we watched was taken studio and plateaus . We are trying to do in Antalya they like ,\"he said . Photo Antalya Mayor Menderes Turel , following the local elections continues to come together with industry and business leaders in Antalya . Association Antalya Businessmen ( AntiAd ) Chairman Murat Terlemez, association management, and many Turel Speaking at the meeting of the members attended , carried out after the local elections and mentioned the project plans to undertake .
\"2020 UP TO 32 JUNCTION WHAT NEEDS \"Photo of Antalya that they are aware of his distress associated with transportation and modal stating that focuses on continuous access to it , said it should be done up to 32 intersections in 2020 about transportation. Chairman of the previously Antalya Metropolitan Municipality of Photo projects prepared junction Mustafa Commons License period Turel stating 19 that they have to complete the new intersection within 5 years for making ,
\"Antalya problems we know at the mention of polls and chat on transport and public transport. in the jammed point to open a new junction and alternative ways of solution. Antalya the need to make 32 intersection until the year 2020 . this intersection will be done again if distress . Antalyalılar did not choose a time to show us a different choice and sends the traffic junction needs to be done yapılmayın problem has become worse. We have to do in Antalya junction 19 within 5 years. 200 kilometers of new roads have to do . Appointed as soon as we take steps about it. Project resources should be carried out and the location of the intersection of Veterans Boulevard, the excavation of that period did not like the intersection of Metropolitan Mayor and evaded . We have received within 3 days when all the decisions and tasks to be finished today intersection . Now they say that intersections in Antalya Metropolitan Municipality does not correct we say we do not do it . But we pave the way for work to do. Bygone era in municipal administration if there were still going to do. \"Photo \" DIRECT RAIL SYSTEM from the airport to the city center \"Turel indicating that there must be a power belonging to the arrival of Photo Service , power to bring the service to Antalya although it is a member , he said that he constantly went to. President stating that they give weight to the rail system in the public transportation Turel, especially a preliminary presentation about the city and what they think a rail system in the central direction that the airport was passed today he would examine . the new project also stating that they would ask the public to implement Turel, said:\"the airport , the rail system will alternate with square connection and Aksu . Today we will do the preliminary presentation. We will examine the system on the transit route and stop locations . Now, tourists will be able to reach the airport from the city center with inince rail system and elsewhere. Work continues on the new rail line . Began to emerge roughly work out the third stage is concerned . Work is finished , we will ask the public again for new projects . \"Photo \" POISON CITY SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT be renewed PROJECT \"to win a modern look to a Photo in Antalya , underlining that they prepared a special project to Zeytinköy district Turel , he continued as follows:\"we care about the urban transformation issues . Regeneration and making modern urbanism of the old city is inevitable. Zeytinköy no longer be a social development project . We continue their work. There is unfortunately a living space at a level that will not fit in Antalya with more modern social transformation . Among the people'poison the city ,'said the people of the region with the so-called social transformation project that will uplift there . The support of the people is important in this regard \"Photo ANTALYA'< strong> OR DEV FILM STUDIO AND PLATO GOOD NEWS
international film festivals , as well as Antalya Turel said made ​​significant efforts to bring the brand image , the days were mentioned in the theme of his visit to Los Angeles in America. Universal Studios and plateau heralding were planning to do in Antalya so on Turel, Culture and Tourism Minister Ömer they were studying studio in Los Angeles in their visits with Steel and Antalya such he said I should have an economic value. Turel , indicating that positive talks with Photo investors, \"the last days with Culture and Tourism Minister Ömer Çelik , we made important contacts in Los Angeles. We examined the Universal film studio . We visited the shooting movies we watch film and television studio and plateaus . We strive to make their equivalents in Antalya . If such a study in Antalya, Turkey's economy will provide a gain value. Most importantly , we will have added a new attraction to Antalya. We will give the brand value of world Antalya . We had long meetings with investors there . Very difficult and a good project. We think the north of Antalya, we carry out the project , \"he said .
hotel where the meeting Turel, the input he painted the shoe itself to meet shoeshine . Turel painter , \"the brush at you while you eat. The important thing is not to eat brush from the public , \"he said . Turel, gave the painter to $ 10 .
\" G-20 Summit of ANTALYA gratifying that TODO \"Photo AntiAd Secretary General Kamila Gülgün Lightning on the G-20 summit to be held in December in Antalya \"Antalya will host organization will be very important on the world stage . Which will take the presidency of the G-20 countries as of December's summit in Antalya, Turkey will be the host were all excited , \"he said .

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