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  • 16 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 09:18

Giants at Marmara University Technological Investment

Giants at Marmara University Technological Investment
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Marmara University, Turkey's second largest wireless network projects in the 12-campus wireless network services and has implemented a new data center.

İstanbul news:  Marmara University, Turkey's second largest wireless network projects in the 12-campus wireless network services and has implemented a new data center.
renewing technological infrastructure Marmara University, 74 thousand students in 12 campuses and five thousand staff and world-class wireless internet access services in the new data center was inaugurated. Rector. Dr.. M. Victory Rose, Vice Rector Prof.. Dr.. QUANDOUR Hamza, Professor. Dr.. And Prof. Hasan Selcuk. Dr.. Osman Kilic at the opening ceremony with the participation of numerous academic and administrative staff were also present. Opening speech of the Rector. Dr.. M. Victory Rose, who has a long history of Marmara University said it was worthy of better service. New data center and wireless network services with the Marmara University Rector Gul underlined that survived to age, it is extremely modern and high quality work with a system that they have said. Rose also Kenan Evren, the barracks will be built on the new campus a much better infrastructure system will establish the official said.
Covered persons as Turkey's The second project, which is the largest wireless network with Internet access services under the Marmara University campus wireless internet access points have been installed to ve37 627 thousand 640 meters of cabling work was done. High-bandwidth access is provided on campus, personalized with authorization more secure and comprehensive network access service will also be presented.
information systems more secure and efficient In the drop-in centers to bring world-class corporate data protection is aimed at. Between universities only, which is the data center, high-capacity infrastructure, and cold air corridor with air-conditioning system, large storage and backup space, scalable, and extensible infrastructure, disaster recovery, fire protection and backup power systems, 24-hour monitoring to 72 hours a day to work and biometric physical access control features supported by elements is remarkable.
Vice Rector. Dr.. Hamza QUANDOUR investment in a new data center with an emphasis on the strategic importance of information that makes managing your business, so this investment is very important, he said. Professor makes his announcement that mobile applications prepared. Dr.. Hamza QUANDOUR,"Soon we will be coming up with new promotion,"he said. Prof. provided information about the data center. Dr.. QUANDOUR,"our university all the data it collected at the center because security is of great importance. Safety in terms of international standards. Serious infrastructure investment was made. Instant 11 thousand people online connecting. These for us a serious figure. New data center 600 to the server service was created to provide infrastructure. This data center of our visitors come from many places to see,"he said.

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