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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:46

Giresun Municipality Launches Legal Process For Overpass

Giresun Municipality Launches Legal Process For Overpass
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Giresun Mayor Kerim Aksu said in a statement today , the flyovers in Giresun correspondence with the results from the Highways çıkmayınca have launched legal action .

Giresun news: Giresun Mayor Kerim Aksu, today announced that , in Giresun the overpass for Highway correspondence with the results from the çıkmayınca initiate legal action , he said.
Giresun Municipality of May First Council Meeting reporters after the announcement, Mayor Kerim Aksu , ugly structure consisting of flyovers to initiate legal action , he said.
President Aksu , \"here is the great responsibility of Highways belongs to . because these areas Highways areas. Giresun Municipality about this initiative is not . Giresun Municipality only'us zoning committed in this is the foot zones'in the form of Highways from writing'We fields işleyel but you made ​​us to be involved with the project make a reference in even though we have not applied for . again wrote an article we answer does not come overpass collapse of the legal process will initiate . performed nothing in overpass was considered. elderly, disabled how will they not calculated . Other cities that have done much more useful and modern overpass there . Yapılmayış this style is made ​​of metal with only wasted in this way are opposed to Giresun . However, we made our correspondence . Although we made this process was initiated projects being communicated to us . This process against the legal process, we have initiated , \"he said .
\"It's just Giresun not the Black Sea region overall problem , \"said President Aksu , \"Today Hopa exit Samsun until all areas are likewise very ugly flyovers have . These overpasses are the elderly and people with disabilities can not use \"he said .

Giresun Municipality Launches Legal Process For Overpass" comments for.


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