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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:42

Giresun University began recording

Giresun University began recording
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Giresun University (GRU) records of the new school year has begun.

Students who will record between September 2 to 6.

University Rector Prof. Dr. Aygun Attar, said that, despite the intensity of the first day, all the measures necessary preparations have been completed and the records of the students in the center of the recording was done smoothly and quickly, he said. Prof. Attar,"This year, the university is among the most preferred universities, along with additional quota, and about 8 thousand new students enrolling international students. Along with new recordings of thousands of university students will find the number 30. Giresun University, the Giresun contribution continues to increase."she said.

According to information received, the university students from the eastern provinces of the country, who have been preferred Giresun University Rector. Attar,"This is a success of the Giresun province and university. And even more aware of it as a fusion of East and this year for the region, 'was dropped and deryaya, Halaydan Horona' are going to implement our project. University, a university in a safe and peaceful. So far in college due to differences in the negativity or prevent any incident is indicative of this. Hopefully it will continue to do so, then. We're a family. All children are our children from reading here. We no longer their parents. families remain in the rear compartment."he spoke.

Attar, all newly enrolled students and their families' welcome to the university, saying,"2013-2014 academic school year will begin on September 16, I hope you will be good for all of us."said.

Gülizar Student parents expressed satisfaction with the cloud,"I watched a television channel hocayı rector of the university, and my child I wanted him to choose."said. Rector Attar, then stand through Giresun Police Department handed out free coffee and bagels, where the parents chatted.

Giresun University began recording Giresun University began recording

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