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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 18:35

Giresun"Youth, Sport and Success"Conference

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Giresun University Faculty of Education by the Department of Physical Education and Sports"Youth, Sports and Success"conference was held.

Giresun University Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Department by the"Youth, Sports and Success"conference was held.
Gur Campus Rector's Conference Room The conference participated as speaker at the World and Olympic champion Mahmut Demir lived championships and experiences gave information about . Iron, the Republic of Turkey since its establishment in sports desired quality could not be caught saying,"Sports policy inadequacy of athletes forlorn and neglected leaves. Additional efforts yourself to sport dedicated people for its success, permanent and sustainable overall success can not be mentioned. 8-10 years Mahmut Demir You can remove but the new Mahmut Demir get our if required our government, sports clubs, private sector, civil society organizations hand in hand giving a planned, programmed to work whatever soon lost no time do what we need,"he said.
ancestors in the sport every day decline in interest that even the Olympics Even the abolition agenda stating that Iron,"the mind, intelligence and demanding sport of wrestling common sense and serious public policy with the former glory days can return,"he said.
"That photograph me more MONEY WINNERS HAVE"
question and answer portion of his speech, a student in the"American wrestler sitting on the back under your posing Was there a message?"responded by Mahmut Demir,"Competition five minutes of zero, zero is over. eighth minute exactly the Americans to attack when that last five seconds position is over and onto my back I was sitting when the match was ending anyway. Even my Amasya political opponents said the old Mahmoud Americans have bought said back to ride, to be photographed. Bender hand I opened my oh my God this country America has sold do not call Americans bought too fine a Turk said. Our Turkish journalists that during the match as well at an angle survived. My one photo front, attracting the American journalist. I said, that picture give me some. those pictures of the year the picture was chosen. more than I received the award,"he said.
"that photograph American journalist and me to problems caused. Championship after the American journalist told me 'our athletes on the back snaps shame is not it? 'he asked. I said,' are very right shame you've, then the republic's 74th anniversary or something, the first 70 years of Turkish and Islamic world on the backs of you are sitting a second sit offended your m gone, 'I said"Using expressions Iron participants long while cheered.
at the end of the conference, Giresun University Rector Mahmut Aygun Attar was presented a plaque to iron.

Giresun"Youth, Sport and Success"Conference" comments for.


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