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  • 24 Mayıs 2013, Cuma 10:22

Give Shape your eyebrows!

Give Shape your eyebrows!
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Looks like baby frogs eyebrows, eyebrow, it is time to review the way.

looks like baby frogs

eyebrows, eyebrows, it is time to review the way. Perfect eyebrows, reveals the way the natural eye muscle. A shape-fits-all is not the ideal way to find a natural brow eyebrow Work on Kavi. The latest trend is for the appearance of fuller eyebrows, follow these simple steps:


Get your eyebrows to stop properly . Get on the part of the brow line of the eyebrows upward scan.


Get between your eyebrows. Kas, should start from the top of the inner corner of the eye. Curvature of the outer edge of the iris, down from above the outer corner of the eye and should be ended to start.


Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow color of eye shadow with a darker tone your muscle fill in the blanks. (that is available to smudge, use eyeliner). Those who have fuller eyebrows naturally colorless mascara or brow gel using a gel can shape eyebrows properly.

, albeit several times a year, to go to a specialist verdir shape your eyebrows. Yıpratmadığı skin and it gives excellent results we recommend using a rope method eyebrow never mind. Time between appointments, you can simply lift your eyebrows eyebrow, eyebrow specialist, but in doing so take care to maintain its shape. Plump and natural eyebrows, all the clothes kıskandıracaktır gardırobunuzdaki.


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