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  • 22 Şubat 2013, Cuma 09:58

Give your hair Life Winter

Give your hair Life Winter
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With a decrease in temperature in winter, cold and dry air your hair dull, lifeless and prone to make electricity. Solution to the problem you're wondering, here's the answer.

Thank complain about the absence of moisture, but the moisture in the summer

our face, just like the T-zone, our hair loses its luster. Jayne Wild Wild Life Hairdressing magazine published in Sydney stylist manager,"even in winter, if you want to look beautiful and healthy hair, what fighting and know how to defeat it is important,"he says. Fortunately, this is a process that is estimated more easily.

electricity Combat

subject area beauty editor Nikki Bella Mumma blog'ununun Yazxhi"In fact, almost every hair type, it becomes more prone to electricity during the winter months, because it has less moisture in the air,"he says,"a different type of artificial synthetics problem, deepens even be wearing clothes made of."the good news is:well maintained hair, more easily copes with this problem. So I started with a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. The other key point is the natural bristle brush in a small amount of hair from the roots to ends of hair spray Hair spray and smooth-hard plastic bristles, electricity will increase even more.

General Hair care Review

Color to your hair

your skin look dull, think about taking care of the skin. However, your money, your hair to add a new color might be a better idea to spend. For example, to add color to your hair shining just a hair in front of them, but not all can add a sparkle to your view, brand new. Hair tonunuzdan one or two times more light tones shadow hopping, causing everyone to think that you have returned from vacation will be new. Noddy's On King magazine published in Sydney creative director Shane Henning,"Semi-permanent hair dye is the fastest way to add volume and shine to the hair,"he says. Henning, esmerseniz use dark colors and warm tones such as caramel sweet to give hair shine recommend that you request.

Hair Brush Use

Ask yourself:when was the last time I brushed my hair? The summer months, messy hair has been left, floors, and does not require much effort, was comfortable styles. Therefore, the shape of the traditional hair-scan, digital correction, and we left for a little salt water spray. Wild, will make a big difference to using hair brush again, he says."Your hair from the roots to scan the eastern ends, will add moisture to your hair of natural oils will cause distraction 'he says,' will hold the magnet in the electrical installation of a hair brush nötrleştireceğinden prevent hair frizz. '

new EM Try a Style

cashmere scarves and wool hats, after a long and hot summer can be exciting, but it may seem that way when you remove the hair of young Einstein'ınkiler somehow. Henning, as well as elegant bun hairstyle is recommended. Fine toothed comb to the sides of the upper part of your hair and gently tease it, make your hair back ponytail below. Swelling of the lower part of the tail and a little bit messy bun still in the form of a fine-toothed tarağınızla to collect. Secure the hair buckle. Finally, a little hair spray.


Dry and broken bits, and sometimes the hair tear is the result of a lack of moisture. Yazxhi, six weeks, or until a 1-inch can make a difference not only great ends, never mind, he says."Cardamom, try styles that you can use as easily as short coats, cold weather is much easier to use them, and you want to take your hair, your face, your hair already will be extended until the summer,"he says.

Yes, dear The Style Glossy readers, which one would you say the biggest hair in the winter again?

About the Author:Brooke Le Poeri Trench, Harper's Bazaar 'EM is an independent journalist who has written a. At the same time Allure EM and has served as the editor of Cosmopolitan in EM journals. The Style Glossy Turkey EM to EM frequently contributes articles to carried at EM.

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