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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 15:51

Giving up healing at home

Giving up healing at home
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Düzce Provincial Directorate of public health care services under the home team is going to the feet of bedridden patients .

Düzce news: Düzce Provincial Directorate of public health care services under the home team is going to the feet of bedridden patients . 3 works in coordination of health care services, home care patients enrolled had 463 thousand .
who need home care beds for patients who have to live connected to the Provincial Public Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health within the established home care services unit . The duty of the living units or'health problems tied to the bed and can not go to health facilities to help patients in their homes . In this context, Düzce Provincial Directorate of Public Health teams at home care services applying for patients who have blood tests , blood pressure measurements, the measurement of glucose , such as health care provider that does not require problem at home solves .
Doctors , health officers , nurses, consisting of mobile teams , mobile health tool with the task of patients admitted to home care homes going up . Meet the patient's health care team also quite satisfied with the situation . Citizens meet at the door of the health care team , the team is close to acting .
Health teams, home care service area was the home of 71-year-old Ali Riza Mediterranean . Mediterranean, are struggling with Parkinson's disease . Spouse Courtesy Mediterranean, Ali Riza Mediterranean's disease and home care services, how to apply what they told me.
Courtesy Mediterranean, \"My wife's brain had water. Mastermind water was collecting . These disorders due shunt was inserted. However shunt in the iltihapa caused. Afterwards my wife tied to the bed began to live . however, home care services, along with the brain's maintenance by medical teams done at home began . place until the coming everyone who helped us bless , \"he said .
Ali Riza Mediterranean ending maintenance after the home care service providing information about Duzce Deputy Provincial Director of public Health Doctor Leo Maher telling the home care services , those who benefit from these services in Düzce gave figures .
Dr. Maher Arslan, \"Home care services December 2010 başladı.2012 March, as each organization's unique units oluştu.ev of health services in application and coordination hlk health directorate is maintained by . Occupational Health Department 112 ambulance support sağlamaktadır.ka the hospital general secretary for the first applications taken birimdir.ev care patients bedridden our patients , especially the stand can not be paralyzed , after a traffic accident platinum individuals with diagnosis, treatment , all such facilities benefit from the unit where it is . \"he said.
Arslan also need home care patients, how would apply also told us ; \"So far, 3,035 applications had . 1,463 patients enrolled there . Others healing , death due to non-system remained . Ataturk State Hospital depends on a unit we house.We unit patients'admission, initial assessments yapıyor.yalnız persons , 444 38 33 call when appointments alıyorlar.randev a team doctor with the patient's initial examination of the patient yapıyor.şu Zealand intensive home care services we offer 8-9 day )

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