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  • 12 Nisan 2013, Cuma 09:49

Glowing Hair Health Few Minutes!

Glowing Hair Health Few Minutes!
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Eye-catching glittering folds up flat hair, perfect hair, you can have a few easy trick.

seems to throw Shampoo ads, glowing health, long hair is not that we all dream of?

Here's good news for you! Now you can have hair that looks great every day. Day care, and add a great hairstyles you can get a few minutes with some minor amendments. For the well-groomed hair guide here.

Choose moisturizing hair products


which is a branch of science micro-friction measuring

nanotriboloji expert Bharat Bhushan,"We know now that a major problem for the hair friction,"he says. Bhushan and his research team, human hair nanometer (one millionth of a millimeter) and the measures carried out an extensive search. As a result of the research, washing, drying, screening, such as friction caused by daily activities emerged. Regular screening is caused by wear and tear over time the hair.

Pam Frost Gorder

, Bhushan'ın examines the findings,"Nanotechnology, worn out faces and hair moisturisers is testing a new"article titled"Healthy hair, scalp, hair hair, flattened in the direction of the opposite compartment. Chemical effects of wear and tear or damage the saw, scalp, hair, bay leave and starts peeling off,"he says.

to combat this situation and in order to keep your hair healthy and shiny hair care, taking into account the arrangement of the four factor is required:cleaning, moisturizing, repairing and protection. Use a shampoo and a moisturizing cream moisturizing effects. After only two minutes to use masks and moisturizing foam that provides hair repair the hair, repair, protect and soften.

2 EM. Hair tools with the check.

hair brushes, hair dryers, curlers, and other styling products, should go out as soon as possible is essential, of course. Formative materials check:Are you using the correct brushes and cleaning Do they want to? Hair dryer machine is strong enough? (You can also check whether there is cooling switch.) How much time you can take hair dryer? (New in the ceramic dryers, hair wearing out less.) Technologies, a new style to follow, when it comes to best protect the hair model, saves a lot of time and effort.

3 Experts refer to styling tricks.

Fashion shows, employee or hairdressing salons serving many customers at the same time, the best way to save a lot of time, resort to a little trick. Here are some strategies that you can use as well:

· Stay Standing EM EM. Some hairdressers, equal to the length of the segment to ensure the correct folds begin to stand customers want to achieve. Stand, then you will make your work more quickly than sitting. At the same time, it will also facilitate access to every part of styling products and hair brush.

· hair turn it over. Blow, while scalp hair mouth hold true forward at the machine. This is the shortest way to give volume to the hair into locks separating the fönle.

EM EM · mix. most of the hair on the market
do not need the product, which ones to use
is to make a strategic choice. Sera shine volumizing styling foams and
Jell-O waxes, you locate the appropriate mix and great looking hair

About the Author: Mariel Chua, EM is a freelance writer and editor, at the same time Seventeen EM and Cosmopolitan magazine international edisyonlarında as the editor of beauty
worked. In addition, The Style Glossy 'EM essays are often the Turkish edition.

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