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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 19:15

Goals Trabzon Night

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Sports Toto Super League week 7 Trabzonspor-Gaziantepspor played in goal in the encounter took place one night.

Sports Toto Super League week 7 Trabzonspor-Gaziantepspor played in goal in the encounter took place one night. 4-4 ending the tie burgundy-blueness of the match found at the last minute Cardozo's goal . Photo Trabzonspor coach Vahid Halilhodzic , at a press conference after the match, \"You know, tonight's match bit harder to tell . In my career for the first time a team 4 goals I eat I'm a teacher . How did you see in you we are eating goals. some of our players are playing under pressure in our house . I knew it would be difficult to play 3 games in a week. we have experienced difficulties in one-to-one marking . after living in them, some of our players lost himself , had to freeze. If we want to come to the end of the match I want to take a hat to players . they fought until the end of the game, to catch the tie. Maybe win we may have also missed out . this match later we must ask myself some questions. our players also must ask themselves questions. we're gonna have a lot of work , \"he said .
\"There was no reason Mehmet Ekici ? \"As for the question Halilhodzic , \"Mehmet was very tired , it was something like impossible not play him in this game. You need to give opportunity to the other players . I look at the other players if they can carry the form Trabzonspor ? What do they also need to see . Mehmet Ekici a week played 3 the energy in the match had enough deal. I had no trouble outside of it, \"he said . Photo Photo \"FENERBAHÇE'< strong> YE VIEWED bY tHE PENALTY AND foul-up \"Photo representing Turkey in Europe the over Arsenal and the question no difference between Trabzonspor match calendar with Galatasaray's match calendar Bosnian coach, \"Each hut can not be approached in the same way I have come to realize this. even with that you understand the me in warning. the penalty is Fenerbançe Order and gained look at the fouls , there are question marks. I have so much work with my hands so I need to fix that problem players there . These are jobs that are not already now. Turkish football, you know better than me . If I can get more on these topics criminal matters . You guys know what the real answer is , \"he said . Photo Photo \" I were to resign if necessary WOULD LOCATION me ONE would come TROUBLES NOT \"resignation rising from
Tribune Halilhodzic on the question of the words, \"I have a very difficult job at hand . You are wrong if you think you can handle these challenges every 2 months. We are creating a new team . When the match is the fault of the teacher lost . I do not prefer the money coming here , I do not think of getting up in the bottom of the job here. I would , if necessary moment to resign and replace me no distress would come one said, \"was the answer . Photo Photo GAZİANTEPSPOR WALL Photo Gaziantepspor Technical Director Okan Cementing , knowing Trabzonspor how to play competition in stating that they prepared , \"We knew how to play Trabzonspor . We tried it during the week. Direct playing , who does not like to make pass from the defense and we knew it would be a long ball with Trabzonspor's trying to find goals and we try to play it with the appropriate player . We were in front until the end of the match , but we caught the end of the match . I congratulate our players . They did what we wanted . I congratulate them but we did not win. We have not scored very funny but ate position with high long ball downloaded our castle , \"he said . Photo Cementing , the match referee Cuneyt Cakir from management about a question,\"I do not doubt the good intentions of our judges. They will also be directed by good or bad matches . How do I make mistakes I have no doubt they will do, but also the good faith \"was the answer .

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