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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:35

Goat Milk to a steadily increasing interest in Turkey

Goat Milk to a steadily increasing interest in Turkey
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Turkey's attention to the importance of goat milk is increasing in recent years .

İzmir news: Seferihisar district of İzmir, and engaged in the production of goat milk products brand Kechees , Turkey to meet with consumers in 30 thousand points . Seferhisar specific flavors company owner stating that they move to the national Ozer Türer , Kecheese \"Turkey's goat representatives of flavor\"is defined as. A leading brand of Photo Goat milk and its products Kechees , the product brings to the consumer in Turkey's 30 thousand points . Kechese up people's grocery stores and can not find one hundred percent goat's milk in the deli and Type stating this product is calling from village to health , \"Now it is possible to reach all parts of Turkey to the goat flavor with Kechees . Our products Migros thousand stores being sold . Ankara, Istanbul our regional offices , particularly , many have dealers , \"he said .
Goats Anatolian TASTE oF HUMAN animals were first domesticated the Photo Goat, first domesticated in the geography of the genre , indicating that in Anatolia , the words said he:\"Anatolian people , consumes 10 thousand years goat products . we tried to sustain the last 30 years, goats and sheep to cattle . Geography was our cause red meat crisis is not appropriate . our country is very high in lactose intolerance rates goat milk product consumption is very important. in particular, pregnant women, mothers with babies , the elderly, the product should certainly consume and disadvantaged groups of children . We do not see as a commercial company Kecheese alone . His goat and give much more importance to the promotion Kecheese the promotion of products . 10 tonnes per year of goat milk ice cream distributing , cheese turns are served \"Photo SEFERİHİSAR ENGINE POWER WAS Photo Seferhisar just explaining that one of the countries that Turkey is not the world's most goat milk produced derives , said:\"the hosting of important studies on the Saanen breeding. Today Seferihisar Saaneni he got a reality. In addition, goat grazing for centuries and that Seferihisar peninsula was processed in milk, meat was evaluated . Even just Seferhisar specific Armolia cheese, goat tastes like white Seferihisar there . \"


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