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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:49

Göcek Tunnel began construction of twin

Göcek Tunnel began construction of twin
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Muğla and Antalya, located on the road that connects the vehicle close to a million years pass and his twin Gocek Tunnel construction started.

800 a day for free, will serve as the second tunnel was announced to be completed.

construction started in 1989 and completed in 2006 after eight prime ministers and 13 government eskittikten becomes double-stranded Gocek Tunnel opened. Antalya and Muğla on the road that connects the twin 960-meter Göcek Tunnel construction started. Gocek Mugla Dalaman and Antalya mevkisine land route linking the first to the second tunnel digging down. AK Party deputy Ali Antalya with Taurus 13 studies examining the Directorate General of Highways Regional Director Mustafa Karademir, announced plans to complete the tunnel 800 days. Hit the bricks with the coverage of the new work that they do as well as the existing tunnel, which is about 5 kilometers from Göcek tunnel segment split up to make the conversion of two-lane Karademir records would provide,"It works construction period of 800 calendar days. 365 will continue uninterrupted throughout the day."she said.

The second tunnel that will be free of charge in the AK Party deputy Ali Taurus"This tunnel will be free of charge for Highways started. müteahhitimizi will handle the benefit of the other party, not him, the judicial process continues. His assessment then to be done."said. Tunnel construction başlandı"/> twin Göcek<div id=

Göcek Tunnel began construction of twin" comments for.


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