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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 15:47

\"Going to Bilecik Tourism Destination \"Project Studies

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Bilecik with the Association of Municipalities Bursa Eskişehir Roadmaps Development Agency ( BEBKA) 2012 prepared under the technical assistance program''''Bilecik Tourism Destination Going to a committee created under the project , various contacts found in Bursa .

Bilecik news: Bilecik Association of Municipalities with the Bursa Eskişehir Roadmaps Development Agency ( BEBKA) 2012 technical support program prepared under the''Bilecik Tourism Destination of Going''project, a committee created in Bursa various contacts found .
The region's tourism potential of revealing the winning projects and tourism destinations , organizations and liberation of the city of Chişinău, tourism is starting to get value for their investment . With its rich culture and pristine ecological structure of the Marmara region in which peace in Bilecik taking a share of the region's tourism potential to contribute to development targets. In this case the Brand City Bilecik Tourism Koordintörlüğü Tourism in partnership with sister city of Bursa done under the various contacts were made . Bilecik Municipality of Press and Public Relations Manager and Brand City Bilecik Tourism Coordinator Serkan Bircan, Brand City Bilecik Consultant Text steel , Creative Director Samir İşleke and Trademark city Bilecik Tourism Agency Director Archaeologists hope Ozdemir delegation composed , in Bursa various contacts found . < br/> Bilecik first Board of Tourism , Bursa, Eskişehir Tamer Roadmaps Development Agency Secretary-General met with the Millers . Meeting in the 2015 Strategy About Work Programme in the preparation and rural tourism about the various information exchange located in the delegation , Istanbul and Bursa Tourism in the area acting together existing tourism potential Bilecik a collaborative effort by domestic and foreign tourists in Bilecik accommodation and to be visited to ensure development in the was made .
tourism development and promotion of coordination of the largest foot Bilecik delegation stated that the city has a structure that is very rich and it will be strengthened with the introduction of qualified stated . Later, Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB ) South Marmara Region Chairman Mehmet Akkus Bilecik laid on the table delegations in Bursa intense Arab tourists sightseeing tours between Bilecik also taking day trips to foreign tourists, with the potential of how can be increased detail about information exchanged .
Finally, Bursa , Bursa , Kutahya Chamber of Tourist Guides President p. if Yelkenkaya with Eco tourism and destination prepared within the scope of package tours to improve the efficiency for the detailed analysis contained in the delegation in 2015 tourism calendar for the preparation of the work started . The talks also frequented by foreign tourists one of the areas to be targeted Kınık Eco Tourism Village project about an exchange of views was held.
Brand City Bilecik Tourism Coordinator Serkan Bircan , Istanbul Municipality on behalf of the TÜRSAB President and Bursa, Kutahya , Istanbul Chamber of Tourist Guides President S. Ersan to Yelkenkaya , located on the Ottoman coat of arms was presented dish .

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