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  • 16 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 11:28

Going Tragedy of Dumlupınar Short Film

Going Tragedy of Dumlupınar Short Film
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So far, a lot of documentaries that are subject to Dumlupınar submarine disaster, this time with a tragic love story to the big screen.

Çanakkale news:  So far, a lot of documentaries that are subject to Dumlupınar submarine disaster, this time with a tragic love story to the big screen. Çanakkale producer in North Beach, Dumlupınar submarine officers who were killed in a love story"Forever"continues to work with the short film. NATO exercises in the Mediterranean Sea while returning from
, Sweden Naboland-flagged freighter collided with the wound area Dumlupınar submarine sank in a short time so far, has been the subject of many documentaries. 81 sailors who were killed in submarine 'Homeland get it right' words engraved in memory. Çanakkale producer in North Beach, this time Dumlupınar catastrophe in the waters buried a sailor's sad over the issue of a film began preparations.
North Beach, a 20-minute short film in 61 years ago experiencing the love story with some speculations further dramatize make that the target of the Web Directory 81 sailors who were killed in submarine cherish after 61 years, he said. Scenario, the completion of the film shooting begin shortly that tells the beach, Dumlupınar submarine sinking of the anniversary on April 4th bat where in a boat launch will be made and then for display in international festivals sent said.
In the film Gallipoli Eighteen Mart University Music Department students Leman Melis Vural, Dumlupınar submarine officer in charge of Ishmael Genre fiance will play at Gallipoli. The film Canakkale University Faculty of March Eighteen Radio, Film and Television Department student Furkan will Daşbilek. The film's shooting, Navy belonging to a submarine will be used.
The film prepared fragments, the martyred officer Ismail Ture's fiancé's on the beach, holding the flashlight using the Morse code submarine"I love you"message to send, the same method submarines from the"forever up"answer is given to the place. Scene shed tears Leman Melis Vural, this scene, thanks for the era of love and relationships how important and laborious understand that, he said.
in 1953, April 3, the On the night of April 4 over the water, watching the 02:10 hour in the open waters of the Dardanelles Strait, Cape Nara from Naboland a Swedish cargo ship collided with. Collision with the severity of 8 people found on the deck of Dumlupinar fell overboard. 8 people have two propeller fitted, one died by drowning.
Customs engine arrived first on the scene. The surviving five people, customs and taken to the Dardanelles by the engine was hospitalized. With 81 sailors in the submarine sank in the throat. With the rising of the sun by fishing vessels plying in the vicinity of the submarine 'sunk' float was seen. Customs engine came near the buoy. Customs engine Selim Yoludüz the second engineer in the float lifting the handset and"Hello,"he waited for the answer. Submarine Officers responding Özben Selami, electricity is cut, the ship is tilted 15 degrees to starboard, aft torpedo room reported that 22 persons. 11:00 hours in queues 'Rescue' arrived at the scene. Study lasted for 72 hours non-stop. However, studies have been inconclusive because of currents in the throat was severe. Petty Officer of the Uzbek Selami 'We're dying. Homeland get it right 'words, was the last message heard from Dumlupinar. Every year for 81 sailors who died in the Dumlupınar submarine memorial service will be held on April 4.

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