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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 28 Eylül 2014, Pazar 17:29

Gökhan Keser shook Sanliurfa

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Music and audio from most popular names of the last period Gökhan Keser , Sanliurfa in the Piazza Shopping Centre , thousands of people excited.

Şanlıurfa news:
social and cultural life of the city, Piazza popular color names continues to bring together people of the region . He started his career as a model , music and acting Gökhan Keser also successfully continued moving , spectacular stage performance has conquered the hearts of their fans . The youth was accompanied by Gökhan Keser . Songs , reviews and personality of the last period of the most talked-about young stars Keser, the activities carried out on ice due to the strong interest in and thanked the fans . Popular artists , messengers to the city for the first time , indicating that, in this way Balikligol a value as well the opportunity to see just happy to be said.
tears did not
\"Worst today so you get\", \"Sometimes \", \"You broke it \"and \"I do not have time \"Piazza shopping mall with popular songs from the musical feast that attracts visitors with songs by Gökhan Keser gushing teens have experienced an unforgettable day to accompany him . Sound according to the rhythm of the music as well as games in the striking Keser, in the hearts of his fans once again formed almost the throne . I was happy that so many fans in tears failed.
Cuts ovation greets with the fans also for mini-concerts \"Jennifer ,\"he kept pace . Gökhan Keser fans sang along with the songs , filling the ice rink around the outstretched hand of the fans were turning back . As much as possible to keep the fan's hand Gökhan Keser tours ice rink a few times , after a mini concert given ample signed autographs for fans . Cuts, with fans in recent years social media has taken fashion by following self-de . Gökhan Keser , tears of joy shed fans also consoled.
World of fashion , taste and fun Sanliurfa feet of the people brought to , but also social and cultural activities of the city with life color Sanliurfa Piazza Shopping Centre in Gökhan Keser storm hours applause and cheering rain accompanied him.

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